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    Why i have ban?

    Hi, first sorry for my english. Im a portuguese player os all of your games.

    I have a question,
    Today i was trying to log in my account, and i was suprised with a ban of 2 days.
    But why?? I have no reason explain by urselves... its my name cla?? Another question... why?? “Cla do karalho” do u now what it means? I acept that is an ofence in some countrys, but in others not. In my coutri its a “gaf”. If supercell thinks it is for some reason an ofence to someone, please dont ban in first.... give me a first warning, and help me to change the name of cla.

    Sorry, but i think supercell dont wanna now of the players who want to play and invest some money on the enterprise, because i play since ever with my friends, family, etc

    please SUPERCELL, read my article and take some apointments to do a better future!


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    you may noit discuss bans on this forums, sorruy

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    I forgot...
    As Bakus mentioned you cannot discuss bans in this forum.
    But to help: you should have received a notification telling you why you were sanctioned.
    If not, contact support here.

    Also, if you assume the sanction was due to your clan name: only the leader of the clan gets the ban, and the clan name is changed in such case.
    Good luck.

    PS: 2-day bans are warnings.

    In portuguese:
    Como Bakus mencionou, você não pode discutir as proibições neste fórum.
    Mas para ajudar: você deveria ter recebido uma notificação dizendo por que você foi sancionado.
    Caso contrário, contacte o suporte aqui.

    Além disso, se você assumir a sanção foi devido ao nome do seu clã: apenas o líder do clã obtém a proibição e o nome do clã é alterado nesse caso.
    Boa sorte.

    PS: as proibições de 2 dias são avisos.

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    Bakus and Palu, thanks for your reply and sorry for the post here, but im am lost because i am a lider and is a shame for me. But if the previous lider give me the chance to leadership the group, i dont have guilty.

    Palu? U mean that the name pf the cla will change automaticly?

    Sorry again


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    Only Support can possibly help you, and as mentioned above, discussion of bans is not permitted here.
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