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    Cool Dachshund Delight

    Hey there! Dachshund Delight is currently recruiting! This is a fun, active neighborhood! We are from North America, Europe, and more, but you can join from anywhere in the world! However, there are a few rules we have for the neighborhood:


    1. Please try to chat once and a while. This does not mean entire conversations about life have to be done! Just try to talk a little bit here and there, makes the game more fun! (Since most farmers do use the chat, I use it to help tell if a player is active or not)

    2. DO NOT change your playing style to join this hood. As long as you are active, helpful, supportive of others, understanding, etc. you will fit in just fine!

    3. For the derby, please try to participate if you can. We all know life is hectic at times, so if you need to opt out a week, that is TOTALLY OK! Even if you aren’t busy one week but just want a “derby vacation” that is fine too!

    If opted in derby though, it is asked that you try to complete most of your tasks at fair point value, usually 300+ in points. As far as extra tasks go, you are NEVER, EVER FORCED to spend 10 diamonds on an extra task. Personally, I only do an extra task if the neighborhood has the chance to place.

    * If Derby participation is reasonably low one week, you will be opted out the next. If activity it still very low, you will be kicked. *

    If a player is inactive for over a week and a half / two weeks, and nothing has been said about work, vacations, etc. you will be kicked. We try to be an “alive” hood.

    4. Be a good player! This includes being helpful, supportive, and overall a nice person to play with.

    Here is a chart for the Derby:

    Normal Derby: tasks usually kept if 300 - 320 pts.
    Bingo Derby: tasks usually kept if 300 - 320 pts. BUT if it is a Bingo Task it will be kept regardless
    Themed Derby: tasks usually kept if 300 - 400 pts. If it is a Mystery Derby we try to do all Mystery Tasks

    Note that this is usually what we do as far as trashing tasks goes. It can change from week to week in the chat. It’s not a big deal if you do a task outside that range.


    Neighborhood name: Dachshund Delight

    Neighborhood tag: #9VGGVC22

    Neighborhood emblem: green dog on blue square background

    Neighborhood derby league: Champions League

    Neighborhood derby trophy count: 6 gold, 9 silver, 3 bronze

    Neighborhood minimum level to join: 60

    Neighborhood number of players: 17

    Neighborhood player level range: 47 - 131

    Neighborhood leader (me): Jayden’s Wiener Dogs

    Leader farm tag: #2RUYJORCV

    Leader current level: 93

    * All information on our neighborhoods “advertisement” is currently up to date. *
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    Still recruiting?
    2 players level 26,29. Active much.

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    I do loveeeeeee Dachshunds

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    Daily bump!

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    Hi, I'm looking to join.
    level 57
    Name - GR33N KINGDOM - #LPL99GYV

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    We have lost of few players recently, by choice and by me kicking them out due to inactivity, so we have some space available for new hoodies! If you would like to join, just respond below!

    NH name: Dachshund Delight
    NH tag: #9VGGVC22

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    Daily bump! Please join! We would love new players!

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