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  Click here to go to the first staff post in this thread.   Thread: NOW, How do you feel about the Inferno/Heal mechanic changing?

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    Love it, max th10 here, never dropped them and am already comfortable with getting blasted. Welcome to my world.

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    HGHB is a REAL thing at th11 now. I FC'd with it all night last night, with real CC troops on maxed bases. 12 giants, 4 healers, 3 bowlers, 1 baby drag, 2 wizards, 18 hogs, 3 heal, 3 rage, 1 poison, hogs in the CC. Treat it like any regular HGHB, get the queen and CC, avoid the air defenses for the healers, try not to come into the sweeper. If you do that while raging the giants and healers 3 times, THE GIANTS DONT DIE. This is all with 245 troops and 46/42 heroes... wait till 50/50 and 260 (army camps all almost done). Don't believe me? Try it yourselves. I had at least five 3 stars, a bunch of very high 2 stars, and yes I also had 1 stars, but not too many, All on MAXED bases.

    The infernos need to be buffed, OR, how about they don't heal from healers? Heal spell maybe to work, healers not, that could be something to ponder.

    HGHB is real, and Im running it full time until they buff.
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    Everyone is looking at this from their own limited view. I would guess SC segments their audience and looks at effect on different groups.
    Top trophy pushers -no change
    CWL type war - no change
    Random semi serious war community - not sure SC cares much, but probably sees increased 3 stars as a positive.
    Casual, rushed clueless player (probably the majority of player base) -very positive and increases the life span of the game.

    Net: SC could care less about the minority and is trying to make the game easier for the casual player who might be inclined to play a bit more, spend a bit more

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    Not seeing those easy spam 3*s everyone predicted but yep things are a little less harder now
    In favor of the Nerf 👍

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    Honestly like the change

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    Quote Originally Posted by myavatarisupsidedown View Post
    Horrible, I haven't played since you killed the Inferno Tower and I won't until you revert the change.
    how do you know it's horrible? Get used to it, rather than complain

    only play royale now. Level 13 88/88 Clan: Avant Gaming

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    Still against it for 1 philosophical reason.

    1.) Supercell stated in the healers nerf that they wanted to encourage multi stage attacks. This change encourages spam attacks. Most attacks on my TH11 base are now spam miners or loons.

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    Against the change still.

    Multi inferno towers are useless. It might as well not even be a feature of the tower anymore. Freeze spell is similarly useless.

    Base design is less interesting to me. I don't place my inferno towers any different than say an xbow nowadays and so most of the anti 3s I make are just small compartment blocky things.

    Wars for my clan (several max or high TH 11s) almost always end with both sides having 99%+ destruction and just 1 or 2 bases left on both sides which isn't that great since my clan isn't close to the seriousness of the guys in CWL and such. Also none of us are even close to max army camps or max heroes.

    Spam is everywhere. My god is it strong and the only thing I see. Even if it doesn't 3 star it always gets 2 if the attacker has the slightest clue how to funnel and on max bases spam can get 3 by pure luck.

    Healers are in every single attack I see. Either queen walk or to heal the spam bowler witch or to heal giants in front of spam or to heal spammed miners.

    Overall I am not happy with how SC decided to increase 3 star rates. I would have much rather liked the DPS of multi target infernos significantly reduced so their only real utility is to stop healing. Or maybe make multi beams take a lot longer to retarget. Right now spam is prevalent, extremely powerful, and there is very little to stop it. 3 star rates have increased with a decrease in diversity of attacking (where are my multi-stage attacks?) and base design.
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    I've been Clashing for 5 years and was a base builder for various clans in CWL and German Midweek League. I enjoy base building to the point that if you want advice on your base, just send me a message

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    I am very much in favour of the changes, although that might be because I love my loons lol.

    the infernos range has always been a slight issue with 0 range troops not seeing them and then me sat watching the silly things circle them while being cooked.

    At least now warden can heal them a little and give them a little more time lol

    It certainly hasn't been a game changer though, cant say I have seen any 3 star attacks where I can honestly say "that DEFINATELY wouldn't have happened before the change"

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    The heal block wasn't really the issue... They just needed to make the multi-infero target fewer troops imo...

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