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Thread: Top Level Players List

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    Quote Originally Posted by loveswagger View Post
    Hes used another forms to donate. Hes a bot user.
    He doesn't donate. He sniped th in single player map lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by stevo View Post
    Ok list finally updated.

    Congrats to Mehran for hitting level 300 too !
    Andres is level 367 now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by EvilEmpire View Post
    Andres is level 367 now.
    Yea, he is a boss! very impressive!

    Ill update the list in the next few days, stay tuned.
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    I've made a top level players list for TH level 2-3-4-5-6.
    Every levels on the site are updated automaticly because he use the clash of clans API.

    I was thinking if you shouldn't make a website and use the API because without the API, I imagine that the time taken to update every levels is huge.
    So if you think that this could be a good idea, I can help you a bit (and certainly a lot of people better than me can help you more) to make this

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    Quote Originally Posted by stevo View Post
    Yea thats awesome man..

    We can just drop everyone on this and use it to track! Perfect!! makes life so much easier
    Sadly this site is not complete :/
    I know a few of legit player that should be on the list but who are not on

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    Hello, i haven't post anything since a lot of time.

    I'm doing hard to raise my level, actually i'm at 276.

    My Player ID: #QVRQCP99
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    Hey anybody have world top war star gained palyer list

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