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Thread: Reduced VP in Task Force Strategy

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    Reduced VP in Task Force Strategy

    We have been attacking Mambo with a 5 man Task Force for months now. We are noticing that Mambo is getting progressively more difficult. Many more buildings and prototypes on the map compared to 2 months ago. We need to boost now just to complete the ops.

    The only thing that has changed through the months is that each players Victory Points and Experience levels have been increasing; mostly the victory points.

    Is there a relationship between total combined player VP and TF operation difficulty?

    Has anyone else seen this?

    I wonder if each player needs to reduce their VP for the good of the task force?

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    Nothing has been validated, yet much has been speculated:
    - Some believe that ops are easiest when started by a lower level account.
    - Others have speculated ops tend to run in set cycles, 3 difficult followed by 1 easy, for example.
    - Yet others believe it is determined by the color shirt you are wearing coupled with the day of the lunar cycle, when ops is started. (Always be au naturale under full moons for easiest ops).

    Much has been speculated yet no correlations ever verified.
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