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Thread: Adult war/chill/relax clan is looking for new faces :)

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    Adult war/chill/relax clan is looking for new faces :)

    Have u been gettin tired of being harshed?
    Forget them and make a visit to us .

    What we give :
    -Mostly adults
    -Great community
    -Anti drama and whining chat
    -No childish moves
    -lv12 clan w good perks
    -Players from mostly around the world
    -Wars 3 times a week
    -A few rules but not too serious
    -Willing to help out clanmates

    What we need :
    - Basically we looking for,grown up adults or younger lads whos willing to clash w us,and contribute to the clan in wars wether in games. No matter if u r rushed or maxed,we r growing together and help each others out through our way.So basically we are looking for teammates whos ACTIVE and CONTRIBUTE.

    name : HeadHunters18
    clan tag : #89LQ9PG8
    -If u dont find these add me as friend and i will invite you.
    -Name: edw
    -tag: U2Y0Y9RL (at the " Y0Y" if its not working with zero then try with an "O")
    -Please mention it,that you are from the forum,because we might be in war.

    Thanks for reading it .
    Have a nice day.
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