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Thread: Multilayer searches taking too long

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    Multilayer searches taking too long

    Ever since the update the search for the next target has become painfully slow. Please do something
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    Yes, think this needs a fix...we are all trying to do the games and searching for opponents is suddenly taking for ever!

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    I've noticed that my lower level bases aren't having any issues searching for opponents but my TH11 base it taking 16+ seconds to find each base to attack.
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    I have the same problem, because the COC has an event (like destroying resources, etc in 2 hours / ++) I try to find an opponent it's like forever, and the event I took failed coz it too long, even I use boots for troops & Hero, Actually this is really sucks.
    TH 11 4900 tp I tried clear cache but it's hopeless. Searching time 30s -1m
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    I also have the same problem
    looking for an opponent with a long time
    it takes hours
    is there anyone who can help me in finding the solution in my problem

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