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Thread: Rustic Boquet

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    Rustic Boquet

    Is it just me or is the newspaper overflowing with Flowe Boquets? Almost 80% of the ads are for these flowers.

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    It is, and it has been for a while now.
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    The Flower Stand has a fairly low level requirement, so a very significant percentage of the community was able to purchase it immediately when it was added to the game. As a result, a very large number of players are all seeking to master this machine at the same time. With Rustic Bouquet having the longest production time, and using the most common ingredients, it is the natural choice for someone who is running their Flower Stand 24/7 to master it. Thus, everyone and their dog is churning these things out non stop, resulting in a massive oversupply. It’ll be another while yet before most players master, so don’t expect anything to change for at least another few weeks.

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