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Thread: Looking for a clan

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    Looking for a clan

    Lvl 59, just got Town Hall 8 last week. Active, big donator, friendly, farmer.
    TH - 8
    LVL - 64
    Clan - LeagueOfLoners
    Status - Farming/maxing

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    Nexus Prime - Check Us Out

    We are an active, generous clan with a friendly, laid-back attitude. We believe that the people in the clan are the important part, and we've worked hard to gather a group of clan members who mesh well together. Our focus is quality and community.

    We are mostly North America-based, with a strong UK/European contingent, and a growing number from Asia and Australia as well. We are looking for active, generous members who are looking for a clan to call home. For more info about us and what we're looking for so you can see if we might be a good fit for you, there's a link to our recruitment post in my sig below. If you're interested, send me a PM and we'll talk.

    Note: Requirements for eligibility: TH 7 or 8, maxed or max-ing archers, 18+ years of age. (There are a handful of kids in the clan, polite and respectful without exception, but we're not recruiting anymore at this time.)

    cplberen, Clan Leader, Nexus Prime -- blue shield, white Y-slash, #L8CY0R0 ::

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    I would like to invite you to join sneaky santa. We are a fun clan, where elders get elected. Lvl 5 archers are the minimum dnations, although dragons and pekkas are also pretty much on the menu all the time and probably are more donated in total. Also, we have a good mix of mature and young adult players., which makes us 100% drama free.

    Our members are truly global. From the US, via Europe and the Middle East down to Australia and NZ. in short, there is always something happening . . .

    We got loads of activities and competitions. Generous members often donate iTunes cards as grand prize .
    Most importantly, we see ourselves as a family - or a bunch of friends at the very least.

    Our clan website is

    Love it, leave it or change it!!!

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    Mightysword - friendly, active farming clan

    Check out Mightysword. We have players from several countries, including Norway, United States, England, and Canada. Chat is active with minimal spam. Lots of active donors, and more experienced members share tips and tricks with clanmates.

    Come and check us out!
    IGN: MVEFrontier
    Clan: Mightyaxe

    Status: Leader, TH9, level 127 farming and warring! (Max Trophy: 3205)

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