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    Clash of Clans - Winter 2017 Update - Full Patch Notes

    The Clan Games are here!

    Welcome to the Winter 2017 content update. With the start of the Clan Games and the introduction of Magic Items, we have created something that will not only change how Clan members coordinate their cooperative interactions but will also change strategies on how the game is played.

    Here are the full patch notes for this release.

    Magic Items
    Magic Items are a brand new type of single-use item that provides massive bonuses to your village. While the Magic Items system will grow as we introduce more of them with greater functionality, the initial range of Magic Items will be already incredibly beneficial to players.

    So what ARE Magic Items??

    Magic Items provide benefits to your buildings, your troops, your heroes, spells, and anything else in-game. The functionality of a specific Magic Item entirely depends on the kind of Magic Item earned. There are Magic Items for every unit in-game. Some Magic Items will provide boosts to production, some provide boosts to resource collectors, and some will instantly complete an upgrade in progress.

    For example, if you just paid the Dark Elixir upgrade cost to level your Archer Queen, one of the biggest downsides is not having your Archer Queen available for the duration of the upgrade if you’re engaged in a Clan War. If you have a Magic Item that completes the Archer Queen’s upgrade, you can instantly finish the upgrade and not have to wait the duration usually required.

    Other types of Magic Items that boosts troop production will speed up how quickly the troops are trained or how quickly spells are produced and will get you ready to attack much quicker. If you have a Magic Item you don’t need, then you have the option to cash in that Magic Item for Gems. But as we continue to introduce new content, selling that Magic Item might not be so beneficial as you never know when it might come in handy in the future!

    And this is just the tip of the iceberg of the kinds of Magic Items we’re introducing to Clash of Clans. However, just be aware Magic Items are incredibly rare due to their potency and will be rewarded sparingly.

    So how do we actually get Magic Items? Introducing the Clan Games!

    Clan Games – The “Q” Factor
    The Clan Games are a new type of event you and your Clan can participate in. When you see the Strongman’s Caravan set up in your village, you’ll know the Clan Games have begun. When you click on the Caravan, you’ll be introduced to a bevy of Clan quests (yes, that’s the “Q” word), or as we’re calling them, “Challenges”.

    These Challenges will range from using certain troops to destroying buildings to accomplishing specific goals. Some of the Challenges will be Builder Base-specific and some will be Main Village ones. But you will have the ability to pick and choose which Challenges you want to tackle. Therefore, if you have someone in your Clan who specializes in Builder Base attacks, then perhaps that Clanmate might be better suited for picking that Challenge. If there is a Challenge that requires you to destroy a number of Eagle Artillery, then allowing a Town Hall 7 player to pick that Challenge might not be the most effective choice.

    Everyone in your Clan sees the same list of Challenges you see, so it will require coordination with your Clan to maximize the amount of points you can win. All of the Challenges have an accompanying point value when they’re accomplished and need to be completed within a certain prescribed amount of time that will be listed on the Challenge. Completed Challenges contribute to a pool of points earned by everyone in your Clan. Therefore, the more Challenges you and your Clanmates complete, the larger the pool of total points earned. Earning more points will unlock higher tiers of rewards, including, as you may have guessed: Magic Items. Other rewards include resources and Gems.

    You will need to work with your Clan to efficiently earn the different tiered rewards. Every Clan Game will have a set duration before it completes. We plan on having longer, more challenging Games with greater tiered rewards as well as shorter duration Games with lesser rewards.

    During the holidays, we will have our inaugural run of the Clan Games which will last a couple days. This will be followed by a longer duration Clan Game so you’ll be able to experience the full breadth of what the Games have to offer. We plan on running the Clan Games with regular frequency and will notify you when the Clan Games are about to start again.

    Merry Clashmas!
    As part of our tradition during the Christmas season, we are continuing our winter fun by releasing temporary units, seasonally themed content, art, and yes…a new in-game tree. We don’t want to ruin the surprise with what troops will be coming, as Santa doesn’t like it when you peek under the wrapping paper. We will be introducing the Clashmas content over the course of the holidays so keep an eye out in-game for what’s being introduced.

    Major Army Balancing
    In an effort to increase the effectiveness of Town Hall 10 and 11 bases, we have implemented one of the biggest balancing changes to Clash of Clans. Below is the full list of changes going in with this update.


    Golem HP has been adjusted
    Level Previous Current
    1 4500HP 5100HP
    2 5000HP 5400HP
    3 5500HP 5700HP

    Lava Hound HP has been adjusted
    Level Previous Current
    1 5700HP 6100HP
    2 6200HP 6500HP
    3 6700HP 6800HP

    Giants HP has been adjusted
    Level Previous Current
    5 670HP 720HP
    7 1100HP 1220HP
    8 1260HP 1440HP

    House space increased from 5 to 6 per troop

    Barbarian King and Archer Queen
    Added 5 more levels to a max of level 50 and previous Dark Elixir costs have been adjusted from Level 8 to 45. See the table below for the adjusted costs.

    Barbarian King Archer Queen
    8 30000 27500 8 40000 39000
    9 35000 30000 9 45000 43000
    10 40000 32500 10 50000 47000
    11 45000 35000 11 55000 51000
    12 50000 39000 12 60000 55000
    13 55000 43000 13 65000 59000
    14 60000 47000 14 70000 63000
    15 65000 51000 15 75000 67000
    16 70000 55000 16 80000 71000
    17 75000 60000 17 85000 75000
    18 80000 65000 18 90000 80000
    19 85000 70000 19 95000 85000
    20 90000 75000 20 100000 90000
    21 95000 80000 21 105000 95000
    22 100000 85000 22 110000 100000
    23 105000 90000 23 120000 105000
    24 110000 95000 24 125000 110000
    25 115000 100000 25 129000 115000
    26 120000 105000 26 133000 119000
    27 125000 110000 27 137000 123000
    28 130000 115000 28 141000 127000
    29 135000 120000 29 145000 131000
    30 140000 125000 30 149000 135000
    31 144000 129000 31 153000 139000
    32 148000 133000 32 157000 143000
    33 152000 137000 33 161000 147000
    34 156000 141000 34 165000 151000
    35 160000 145000 35 169000 155000
    36 164000 149000 36 173000 159000
    37 168000 153000 37 177000 163000
    38 172000 157000 38 181000 167000
    39 176000 161000 39 185000 171000
    40 180000 165000 40 190000 175000
    41 185000 170000 41 192000 180000
    42 188000 173000 42 194000 182000
    43 191000 176000 43 196000 184000
    44 194000 179000 44 198000 186000
    45 197000 182000 45 NA 188000
    46 NA 185000 46 NA 190000
    47 NA 188000 47 NA 192000
    48 NA 191000 48 NA 194000
    49 NA 194000 49 NA 196000
    50 NA 197000 50 NA 198000

    Inferno Towers:
    The effect that prevents healing while receiving damage from Inferno Towers has been removed.

    Added 25 additional wall pieces may be upgraded to Level 12

    Army Camps:
    Army Camps at Town Hall level will gain an additional level (Max: Level 9)

    X-Bow DPS has been adjusted
    Level Previous Current
    2 70 DPS 60 DPS
    3 90 DPS 80 DPS
    4 100 DPS 90 DPS

    Other QoL Improvements:

    We have drastically improved our mod detection and prevention system. This will greatly help us combat the use of illicit programs, mods, etc.
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    great update

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    Love this update.

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    That Xmas tree is so awful!

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    How many pairs of pants can a teenager store under their bed before they feel guilt?
    Hay Day Derby's arrive in Clashville....interesting...

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    No mention of inferno and x bow nerf? Did you see sense or forget to mention it?

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    Amazing, looking forward to it
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    Where is the snow?????? ;-)
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    Looks great

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    any changings to warmatchmaking because engineered, after you buffed the troops and nerfed inferno xbow and miners?

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