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Thread: TRADE HERE-The ALL Items Trading Thread-Part 1

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    Trading the following items for BEM. If ratio is not listed, kik with your ratio offer.

    40x Tofu Dog (10:1)
    30x Blackberry Muffin (10:1)
    15x Raspberry Muffin (5:1)

    30x Expresso (3:1)
    30x Shepherds Pie (4:1)
    25x Green Smoothie (5:1)
    24x Chocolate Popcorn (5:1)
    20x Bright Boutique (4:1)
    20x Potato Soup (3:1)
    15x Flower Shawl (5:1)
    15x Honey Popcorn (3:1)
    10x Noodle Soup (3:1)
    10x Lobster Skewer (3:1)
    10x Peach Tart (3:1)
    10x Taco (3:1)
    10x Summer Rolls (3:1)
    10x Orange Sorbet (3:2)
    5x Peach Jam (1:1)

    12x Tar Bucket
    11x Stone Blocks
    10x Marker Stakes
    9x Mallet
    6x Hand Drill
    6x Land Deed
    5x Hammer

    I would prefer to post at Max, but am willing to post at base price if you're low on coin.

    Kik: Sunnyacreshayday
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    I have 180 mallets, 180 deeds, and 65 stakes to trade for bolts (5:1).

    Smaller trades welcome.

    Kik: sunflower1354
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    Trading my 266 axes 10:1 for BEM
    kik: OscarBob54
    ID: 8LY09G8Y8

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