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Thread: TRADE HERE-The ALL Items Trading Thread-Part 1

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    Quote Originally Posted by GyaxyBoy View Post
    Hi! My first trade.
    Pls help!

    I have 1 x Marker Stake

    I need 1 x Mallet

    tag: #9RQCPRC29

    What should i do.


    1. Be sure you have adequate space in your barn for the items you will be receiving

    2. Agree on the number of the product being exchanged and the ratio. Some items may be more scarce so expect to give more of something else to get these. This changes from time to time.

    3. Try to make sure that neither party has an active advertisement at the time of the trade.

    4. Use the last slot of your RSS to place your “wheat” & items for trade

    5. When that wheat is purchased, you should see the name of the person you are trading with. (If taken by a different player, stop the trade, and try to communicate with the other party immediately)

    6. Immediately, put up the items being traded as previously agreed upon.

    7. Should the wrong item be put up, try to buy it anyway. You can try to trade it back when current transaction is complete.

    8. Once, this is done, it will be repeated for the other party.


    Be sure to thank the other person if the trade was successful. If something was amiss, be respectful and try to come to an equitable resolution immediately. Once the trade is complete you may edit your advertisement to read “TRADE CLOSED”.
    kik: evelyn_ang
    ID: #POVYL2Y2

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    I have the below i need BEMS in mix.

    120 duck feathers
    130 lobster tails

    Kik me: zaikazi666

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    Quote Originally Posted by Puritanicalexpert820 View Post

    90 goat cheese
    90 blackberry jams
    120 diamond rings
    For bolts(3:1) or screws(1:1)

    70 land deeds,30 markers for screws(1:1)

    40 nails and 20 panels for screws(1:1)
    Still trading
    LEVEL:95 BARN:6700;SILO:3450.kik ariatownsend.

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    My 10 duct tape for your 25 wood panels.

    kik: MMMeadows

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    I have BEMS i need sea food salad.

    Please provide me your ratio.

    Kik me: zaikazi666

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    Trading my 30 tapes for your 30 bolts (1:1)

    Trading my 40 nails for your 40 panels (1:1)
    Trading my 20 screws for your 20 panels (1:1)

    Partial trades welcome, h
    igher level buys first, default price. Happy Farming!

    kik: mucmar

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    Jun 2015

    Bolts needed

    Tape to trade for bolts.
    I have 200 tapes to trade for your 100 bolts !!!!
    That's an amazing 2:1 hurry hurry hurry, won't last long.
    Kik rustyfences
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    Senior Member idoncihuy's Avatar
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    Mar 2018
    my 10 bems for your 120 axes
    my 10 bems for your 50 saws
    fast trade please
    Kik idonmaulanarizky

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    Screws needed

    My 100 nails for your 50 screws !!! TRADED thank you
    That's 2:1. You just won't get a better deal.
    Kik rustyfences
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    I have bems i need the below.

    Seafood salad
    Honey pots
    All dairy products

    Kik me for ratio.


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