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    Post Update: Trap Upgrades (version 5.64)

    Clash of Clans Holiday Update: It’s a Trap!

    Reworked traps

    ✔ Sick of puny bombs? Upgrade all of your explosive traps to blow up your foes big time!

    ✔ Even sicker of constantly replacing your traps? Traps now stay put after use, and can be fully re-armed with a single button!

    ✔ Level 1 Giant Bomb is now much cheaper, though with a slightly decreased damage radius that can be upgraded

    ✔ Bomb and Giant Bomb explode faster after being triggered

    ✔ Seeking Air Mine and Air Bomb trigger radius has been decreased

    ✔ Seeking Air Mines now cost Gold instead of Dark Elixir


    Replacing traps always took a lot of time, and we’ve certainly experienced that ourselves. In this update, traps will remain right where you placed them, even after they are triggered. You will be able to rearm, and also upgrade your traps (besides spring traps). We believe this will make for more challenging raids while improving your chances on defense. If you’ve been avoiding traps, it’s time to be blown away!

    Tier 1 terror in Town Hall 10

    ✔ Level 12 Archer Towers: stylish, deadly and oh so sharp

    ✔ Level 6 Goblins: never forget your wallet again, nor anyone else's


    The Level 12 Archer Towers may look a bit different than in the Android release video! Level 6 Goblins were one of the most requested troops out there, and we’ve added this epic gold monger for TH10.

    Unquenchable spells

    ✔ Get your spells in a snap! Spell factory boosting is now only 20 gems for 4 hours of boosting

    ✔ Spells are now created with Elixir instead of Gold


    You wanted an improved, and more useful spell boost. We felt that a 4 hour boost would be effective for those going on offense. We’ve also seen that for players of all levels Gold was hard to come by, while there was an overabundance of Elixir. Elixir is now for attacking, gold is for upgrading and defending your village! We wanted to make that division quite clear!

    Clan and Interface improvements

    ✔ Players who are kicked out of or rejected from clans are automatically banned from that clan for 24 hours

    Why? Adios, spammers. This frequently requested addition will help by making it easier to run your clan. Leaders and Elders can use "Invite" feature to get a banned player into the clan.

    ✔ Tapping the active tab in the Inbox, Chat, Clan, Leaderboard, League or Search view will automatically scroll it to the top

    Balance tweaks

    ✔ TH loot multiplier is now capped at 1.5, even against 3 TH levels above or higher

    Why? We believe this will help higher level players hold on to more loot. Specifically, it will address the issue of higher level players losing DE to lightning spells, making this strategy much less beneficial.

    ✔ Slightly increased hitpoints for level 4 Dragon

    Why? Increased trap usage after this update, especially with seeking air mines, means our flying friends need a bit of a boost to remain viable.

    ✔ Slightly increased hitpoints and damage for level 6 Giant and level 4 P.E.K.K.A

    Why? They are tons (literally) of fun to use, but haven’t been used much in raids lately. These changes make them even more hefty. Give them another look!

    ✔ Slightly decreased hitpoints for Hog Riders

    Why? Combined with shorter fuses on the bombs and a decrease in hit points, Hog Riders will be easier to make into bacon, and everyone (except for vegans, vegetarians, pescatarians, the religious, etc.) loves bacon!!! This should lead to players having to be a bit more strategic with their Hog Rider pals.

    ✔ Upgrade time reduced for most Archer Tower and Wizard Tower levels.

    Why? Level 6 gobs for one. And because “slow is good” may be a company mantra, but doesn’t have to apply to defense upgrades.

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    We just updated this release's patch notes with a bit more context about why some of the changes were made.

    Thanks for all the feedback you've already shared, too!
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