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    These are cute, but I think a new animal like the penguins and pandas everyone has been asking for would have been a better addition.
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    So cute and very good

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    Awww. Very cute!!

    Definitely need more PP Events now!

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    Wow exciting!!
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    Hope we will not see all sneak peeks of Baby animals. 😕
    BTW,I love them😊

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    I dont even have all the other animals, that means lots of work to do. Very cute baby animals and pretty deco's. When will we be getting this? Next monday?

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    Although they are cute, at this rate, the sanctuary will be almost as crowded as Times Square NYC on New Years eve. Just sayin'

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    Hi, everybody. I wonder which of the adult giraffe is the male and which one is the female ?? They behave quite similar....

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    Agreed. The baby giraffes are very lovable. Now maybe the adult giraffes won’t look so anxious. I hope their animation will change with the arrival of the babies.

    Actually, my giraffe (peacefully sleeping) will have to keep calling for her mate and offspring until sometime in 2019. I only have one puzzle piece for the second giraffe, and there are still 5 pieces for my first elephant and 18 for my second hippo to collect. Assuming the next two sneak peeks are baby hippos and elephants, there’s a chance for my hippos to reproduce (does that happen in Hay Day?!) sometime in the spring.

    I know that I could acquire puzzle pieces at a faster rate if I was diligent during puzzle events and if I opted into the Derby, but since I can’t choose what animal to apply the pieces to, I’m not motivated by the events; and the Derby won’t see me until we get a prize catalogue...or unless I get desperate for vouchers again.

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    Baby animals

    Quote Originally Posted by ChrisDuTarn View Post
    Hi, everybody. I wonder which of the adult giraffe is the male and which one is the female ?? They behave quite similar....
    So are puzzle pieces going to be going to the babies before we get all the adults finished? In other words, I have both giraffes, but haven't completed the second hippo nor second elephant. Am I now going to have to endure Hay Day randomly putting puzzle pieces to the baby giraffes when I am trying to complete the other adults?

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