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Thread: 2 People, 9 Accts. from max 11 to th8 looking for new clan.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OUSooners01 View Post
    What time zone are you in? We have room for all your accounts. I have 4 accounts in the same clan. What's your kik name and we can talk about it. Force Thunder #VUY92PR
    He's from Northwest Florida

    She's from Southeast Florida
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    Quote Originally Posted by OUSooners01 View Post
    What time zone are you in? We have room for all your accounts. I have 4 accounts in the same clan. What's your kik name and we can talk about it. Force Thunder #VUY92PR
    Eastern Standard Time
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    Big family of clans, lots of multiple accounts and addicted players..... A bit of an insight below into us.... Maybe join our discord and see if it's for you?

    Little Seekers/Little Sneakers/ Goblin Fury/Frostlight/Element 29/Weak Slothz/Dark Souls/Rob-Seb/All Hail. A mixed war clan family (th3-11). We have it all.

    Join our DISCORD Channel: 7T5WNYG

    We are a no nonsense clan family without drama where you can largely do what you want. (Im not just saying that to recruit you like other clans do, we actually never have drama).

    Let me introduce you to the 'Little Seekers family of independent clans' a mixed th3-11 level laid back but serious base maxing and war clan family. If you don't like collecting lots of war win bonuses and high level walls this is probably not the right place for you.

    Some clans are farm war clans, some have war alliances and some think they are above and better than everyone else. We are none of these, we are a clan family that simply remains pretty competitive whilst having a good time in the process with minimal issues. We don't ask for massive drawings on how you're going to attack, we don't ask for your life story, we just ask effort. We've tried a lot of things and something we like to do is take the pressure off our players so they can express themselves and play their own game the way they like to, not how your dictator leader in your last clan wanted you too! The thing I'd say is our best feature as a clan is that after your first two wars with us you are free to largely make your own team based decisions in war; there is no dictatorship, no clash caller or any of that rubbish. You will have the independence to really play your part and have a say for the team which is extremely rare in this game. It is very rare after your first two wars that a base will be assigned to you, only in majorly tight situations. We do have a line app for general usage, training videos amoung other stuff which is reccomended but not required. We do big wars, we do small wars, we do lots of fun events that other clans don't do and we have a pretty damn good record at big wars.

    We have war leauge opportunities, pot lucks and a load of inter clan events which are entirely optional but also a lot of fun. We will be part of 2 different leagues from June... Different levels of experience are welcome. Find out more about this when you join us. We are always looking for more leadership too as a big family in different roles, if you think you have what it takes join our recruitment channel in our discord server.

    Main Expectations And Requirements are as follows:
    As long as you have a good attitude with a willingness to improve your base as well as your war attacks you are welcome to join any of our clans depending on your base development levels. We will show you the ways to smash bases at all town hall levels if you're learning. High activity is a bonus. We are currently accepting applications from all town hall levels, the rough th breakdown and requirements of our clans is as follows.

    Little Seekers; Currently accepting th9-11's who can pull their weight. This means being able to handle your weight in wars. Respectable heroes for your town hall level and decent war troops for your town hall level. I understand if your new to a town hall and we will take you on! We also love alt accounts. Heroes are both required to be up here for war as we get tough matches and we always want to come out on top. This is about the only rule which is strictly enforced for all members from leader to new member, no special treatment. We realise we can't win every single war but we will do down fighting if we don't win.
    Note: This is the only of the five clans with hero minimums for brand new players: 9's -49 combined hero levels, 10's-60 levels 11's-80 levels.

    Little Sneakers; th6-11's who are developing or established players at their town hall level. High activity and a willingness to evolve your skills in Little Sneakers is valuable more than an already accomplished player who does random stuff. You can war here without BK or dsf for those who want constant war, but not both heroes down at once. A great place to learn your trade as you will be handling pressue, this clan traditionally gets harder match ups than the other clans.

    Goblin Fury; th8-11; A true mixed war clan stacked with .5 and defenceless bases with a solid th11 top, many war with no King down here and still often crush the victory. Match ups are often favourable here due to the dynamics of the clan. King down is fine for war here, queen down- you opt out or go to little sneakers for war . It's highly reccomended to war in fury & sneaks without heroes- it means when you go back to warring with both heroes you'll be unstoppable ��.

    Frostlight: th3-10; for mainly alt & mini accounts, most are th9 and below, there are no restrictions and you can move your main in and out as you like to donate troops as you can within all our clans. King down in war is also fine here. This is a clan we took over recently and have revived turning it in a formidible war clan for their war weight, wars here generally produce easier opponents than the other clans.

    Element 29: th8-10; The newest clan to be added to our family. The wars here are very efficient, if you hold your raids don't expect many stars to be left for you on the board. You can war here with one hero down but full 100% effort is required to get the win or give the best you've got if the war is already perfect . We are building a th9 academy here, the clan is very th9 heavy so if you're a 9 and want to be in the thick of wars where your raids are highly important this is the place for you.

    Weak Slothz: Another highly levelled clan that we have just taken over last month. You can see where we took over from the change in the war log. This clan is currently accepting at levelled players as high or low as you go, it's a great place to start if you're new to the game in the last six months and want to learn and progress in a nice environment.

    Rob-Seb: We have just been approved as an official FWA clan (War Farming). A few spare spots might be open. It's full @49 members. A good place to farm if you want to be in a FWA clan and fly around to our regular war clans when you want to war without having to prove loyalty/prove yourself l Joining here is a minimum two week commitment to the FWA roster at any one time and applies to all members across the clans. Th9-11 Only with bows, infernoes ect stuff built, no engineers in this clan.

    All Hail: Just became a family clan this week. All Hail is specifically looking for th9's to balance the clan right now although we are pretty full most of the time anyway.

    Mergers; we are currently holding 3 level 10+ clans which we are planning to build up in time from clans that merged into us. (We turned failing clans goblin fury and frostlight around in a month a peice, could your clan be next?).
    Alternatively if your clan would like a merge please pm me or Orsyrus on here so we can see if we are a fit.
    Anyone who wants to speak with the leaders of clans who successfully merged into us in the past is welcome to do so.

    Movement is highly encouraged between not only our own 8 clans but you're also encouraged to visit friends, visit clans we've faced in wars for feedback and participate in forum events. Once again how many clans will allow you to do all is?

    To join either clan one thing we stress that is important and key to our success is you have to be a team player and make your own goo team based decision. In war everything is about the team and you will find yourselves in different situations where you will be able to raid up or do what you like when the war allows it, however in close wars if its required to hit down for the team we expect you to help out, offer a scout ect; this is the same for all members from leader to member- quite often a leader will step aside and let a member take a tough base, hitting down if it suits the team- there are no egos involved.

    We are also Season 1 FWL champions!


    No specific set of clan rules, mainly just don't be a ♥♥♥♥. The no heroes no war in LS is enforced, but as long as your doing your bit for the team the best way you can you won't be hounded for one bad attack , instead we will help you improve . Not using war raids when opted in is the only other thing that will put your spot in the clan in jeopardy

    Apply in game or through our discord channel, be sure to say your from the forums and that you read Crunks post in your request so we don't have to ask the usual questions . If not bookmark us and pay us a visit sometime or feel to join our public discord channel to see how we operate.
    Note: If applying in game we check clan history of all new players before accepting so you might be on pending for 5 minutes .

    Thank. - See you soon.
    Part of the EYG Family Leadership - A home of clashing without egos or un-needed nonsense. We war constantly with decent success and farm casually for fun while helping each other to improve. Discord Code:7T5WNYG

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    Would be awesome to have you guys check us out! We're a level 13 clan, established in March 2015, and still going strong. We're a solid war clan, with a solid core. We're serious about war, but not so serious that we can't be supportive of each other and have fun even when we lose. We tend to win 4 out of 5 wars, and we're always learning new strategies and recruiting solid new members to pull that number up.

    Contact us in-game #JQVJVUR or on Discord.

    Hope to see you soon.
    TheCrimsonKeep: Adults-Only War Clan, TH9+, Serious, Supportive, Solid

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