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Thread: Looking for a hassle free hood?

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    Looking for a hassle free hood?

    We are the Wonkey Donkey's, an old hood with a new leader.
    We had a lot of inactive members who hadn't played for many, many months so we have had a mass eviction to create room for active helpful players.
    We are looking for players from levels 35 to 80, who are able to communicate well in english and are willing to help their fellow hoodies.
    We allow people to trade from their shops and to trade with each other. We do ask that you do not charge more than default price when selling to fellow hoodies, but when trading outside of the neighbourhood you do as you please. We do allow those members who have all of their machines to ask fellow hoodies to charge maximum prices, but this is optional.
    We do ask that members say thank you when they are helped, and maybe a quick hello when they log in, and a see you later when they go.
    We are quite happy to have farmers who just pop on to tend to their farms as long as they help others when they can.
    Derby is optional, you do not have to play, but if you do, rules do apply.
    If you think we might be what you are looking for, pop in for a chat.
    #JJYPGRJ Wonkey Donkey's
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    I'm Brook co leader of Wonkey Donkey's. If you have any questions just ask, either here or pop over for a chat.

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    Must be level 60 to enter derby.

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    We play maximum points x maximum free tasks as quickly as possible. There is no requirement to spend diamonds. Extra task optional.

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