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Thread: Whats Your Fav War attack

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    planet earth...possibly

    Whats Your Fav War attack

    Right, so I am a near max th9 except for heroes and witches at the moment. What I'd like to find out as a th9 to fellow th9's.

    My personal favorite war attack at the moment is LavaLoon

    What is your preferred war attack versus other th9's or even th10's?
    Comment below

    FYI I will be looking these up so I might implement them, so if you have a youtuber who posts good videos of said attack feel free to include that in your comments!
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    HGHB every time. I have a 9.5 mini, but I almost exclusively use HGHB in war. I have 16/16 heroes on it (I'm not grinding again!) but the 240 camp space and 5 spells makes it an almost guaranteed 3 star as long as I don't mess up.

    2 baby dragons to funnel

    8 giants
    4 healers
    5 bowlers (cc) +giant as killsquad

    23 hogs to destroy the base

    9 archers for cleanup

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    i used to do goho/govaho/queenvalho
    there were no bowlers when i was th9, so i was taking max golem(lvl5) or max hogs (lvl5)

    these days max bowlers are best cc troops
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    I uses govalk, with loons in cc,heroes lvl should be good in this strat.
    2 Golem
    12 valks
    Rest archer or min
    In CC =Max loons n Haste
    Spells =1 rage, 3 heals, 1 poison

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    #1 Queen walk ( I have seen players completely destroying max bases with queen walk along with barbs, archs, minions , few giants, few hogs and other random troops)
    #2 Stoned hobo (I always swag some troops or spells with this strategy, it's OP)
    #3 Witch Slap (The best part about this strategy that I like the most is you deploy your army and just watch it slowly destroy the entire base without even worrying about the clean up)

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