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Thread: Level 12 War Clan looking for TH8+ Newbs in Number Y2LR0UY2

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    Level 14 War Clan looking for TH7+ Newbs in Number Y2LR0UY2

    Newbs in Number - Clan Tag #Y2LR0UY2

    English speaking preferred...
    Level 14 Adult War Clan - Clan Tag # Y2LR0UY2


    1) Must use both attacks in war. Opt out when heroes are down
    2) TH8 and above preferred. No rushed bases. We prefer not to have engineered bases, but we prefer to have offense prioritized over defense.
    3) Be active and keep 1/2 donation ratio
    4) Be a loyal Team player and be cool in chat - most of us have been in the clan for over 2 years. We're a good, core group. We don't like hoppers.
    5) Help out and get rewarded in clan games! If clan games is your thing, we're looking for members to help reach our goal.
    6) For CWL, only the top bases will probably fight but we take everyone in

    We war twice a week (searches start Tuesday and Friday). We may also War back to back during clan bonus events. Promotions are earned over time through donation and War activity.

    We are a good donating clan and have been together since January 2015. We're looking for members to grow our clan and have a great, competitive time in War.

    If the the clan isn't open, please state that you "Read about us on the Supercell forums" in the comment area. We just need to make sure you aren't a war spy.

    Thanks, and hope to to see you soon.

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