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Thread: th11 upgrade order?? Pekka? loon? healer?

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    Talking th11 upgrade order?? Pekka? loon? healer?

    Hey guys,

    I need help with lab upgrade order.

    I'm about a month into th11 and my hound is almost done. I tend to laloon with QW in master 3 for farming but I was going through the lab and noticed pekka is 10 mil and will get a boost to 470 damage and 5k health, along with 50k elixir each pekka. Do you think I should upgrade loon, healer or pekka? Do you think if I were to throw in a couple of pekkas it would give me at least a 2* with a good army comp? I'm curious to see what other people use for farming strategies and if they recommend using pekkas or to just stick with laloon QW.

    If you guys know any YouTubers that use pekkas for farming or have a good army comp for it or even a pekka walk, please post the link below! I'd really appreciate it!

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    I would stick with your strategy and upgrade loons and healers.

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    Upgrade what you use the most. For you, air troops. Then you've got yourself a solid TH11 army and you can start worrying about alternatives.
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    healer is a base for a queenwalk
    if not using queenwalk & goign air, it's loon first
    pekka is not a preference upgrade for early th at any level
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    Healers, loon are good choices. If you are going to grind the warden quickly, you may want to do bowlers and farm lix with them.
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    .... last upgrade pekka

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    My pekka is still lvl1. Not good for war.

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    I also mainly use queenwalk laloon to farm and would certainly recommend loons first and then healers. The lv7 loons just pack that little bit of extra punch that's very helpful against all those pesky max archer towers. Would do pekka dead last, but that's just personal preference.

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    My main just hit th 11 yesterday. Lab just went down. Can't wait to restart it. Ben a while as i was maxing heroes at th 10

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    Definitely loons. From my experience loons level 7 were the most powerful troop upgrade i've ever done in clash by far. Then healers should be a nice option as well. I've chosen the air path since the beginning of my th11 journey and so far been maxing my air troops only. Will work on the ground troops later. Became also a decent air attacker by focusing on air attacks only.
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