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    Cloudy and cool in North Texas with rain and a cold snap on the way. Looking forward to it - I want to bring out the winter clothes!

    Can't WAIT for the winter HD update!!!
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    Looks like winter's a-coming! Looking forward to seeing my animals in little knit scarves and hats! Just in time, too. The leaves are falling from the trees and there's a cool nip in the air. Hot chocolate goes so nicely with the chill, good thing I'm almost to the coffee kiosk!

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    Gorgeous sunny day on the Welsh borders but now getting a little frosty already! Time to dust off those gloves, hat and scarf me thinks! (If I can remember where they are lol! )
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    Raining in Copenhagen. But leaving on Holliday Wednesday. 3 weeks to the philippines nice.
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    Sunny and quite hot where I am. Not as hot as it could be but still hot enough. No sign of winter at all...but then again, we don't have winter!

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    After a fabulous fall and Halloween on the farm, I'm excited to see our upcoming wonderful winter and Christmas! Cloudy and cool in SW Ohio with lots of colorful leaves falling and needing raked. Happy week, Nick!

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    Quote Originally Posted by bobbyrae2 View Post
    No sign of winter at all...but then again, we don't have winter!
    That's right, bobbyrae, rub it in!! LOL!!

    Here in southwest Idaho, it is getting nippier...our highs for this week are in the low to mid 40s F, however, no snow in the forecast (except a slight chance in some mountain areas).

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    Frisky monday

    Quote Originally Posted by bear199311 View Post
    Windy and crisp but sunny here in North England (been gardening all day hehe)

    This looks like a cool winter update!!!! Oh I really hope so!!!!
    dunno wot its like outside ive got the flu so im tucked up in bed, blinds closed playing HD... Cant be bad the sun is shining here in manchester uk, looking forward to the new update hope we have some nice xmas decorations to buy. Dont want to have to pay in diamonds though cos mine dissappear on me all the time diamonds are not this gurls best friend lol. Happy farming folks.
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    Beautiful Southern California

    Beach living is awesome!

    Greetings from sunny southern California! It's a BEAUTIFUL fall day: blue sky, warm sunshine, and not a cloud in the sky. It's getting cool in the evenings though...just enough to want to snuggle up with my hubbie and furry four-legged kids. Welcome winter! Happy farming everyone.

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    First frost

    Thfrost is on the pumpkin here in the Tennessee valley and my maple trees are fiery orange. Beautiful fall weather. Made pumpkin bread today. Yum.

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