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    The One & Only Bot Discussion Thread

    Updated on February 4, 2019: Effective immediately, the forum moderators aka The Mod Squad have announced that "there is no necessity for further, additional bot discussion threads." And thus, the Mod Squad modified the thread title to make it clear that all subsequent bot discussion will take place in this mega thread. Thank you for your attention.


    On May 22, 2017, Sylvie informed us about a new bot which bought only tools for barn and silo. She didn't advertise them in her shop but they were bought within 2 seconds. Thank you Wussypuss for the correction.

    On September 4, 2017, LetTheMusicPlay alerted us about a Mystery Shopper who bought only bolts and tapes from her shop within seconds of her posting them. A few weeks later and after further discussion, we would identify this entity as the notorious Pxxxxxx bot, named after the mythological character the Greek gods created to punish mankind for receiving the gift of fire from Prometheus.

    On February 9, 2018, dahan0411 alerted us about the P bot buying 200+ BEMs from his or her level 13 baby farm.

    Since the P bot is still a hot topic, I searched the HD subforum for posts written about her to refresh my memory. After reading 452 posts in four threads, I decided to write this FAQ to highlight some posts written by us. Please feel free to suggest posts I missed but should be included in this draft. Thank you.

    Moreover, I'll also gaze into my magic crystal ball and answer the fascinating questions which are on our minds but didn't ask because some of us are introverts.

    Please note that discussing how bots work will violate Forum Rules #6 and #7 and will result in the forum moderators aka The Mod Squad closing the thread.

    1. What is a bot?

    The term "bot" comes from robot. A bot is an automated program used to perform simple and repetitive tasks which would be time-consuming, mundane, or impossible for a human to perform.

    2. Why shouldn't we use bots to play Hay Day or any Supercell games?

    Per the Terms of Service, we agree that we will not, "under any circumstances, use or take part (directly or indirectly) in the use of cheats, exploits, automation software, bots, hacks, mods or any unauthorized third-party software designed to modify or interfere with the Service, any Supercell game or any Supercell game experience..."

    3. Are there other bots besides the P bot?

    Yes, here are two which forumites brought to our attention.

    a) The Lxxxxxx bot (named after the angel who was exiled from heaven). Some forumites also described it as the dog bot for its ability to sniff out the expansion items in our shops.

    b) The Mxxxxx bot (named after the Greek mythological character with the snake hair, turning those who looked upon her into stone).

    4. What is Supercell doing about the bots?

    a) On May 30, 2017, Supercell Community Manager Frisco posted that Team Hay Day is aware of the situation and "...won't tolerate cheaters in the game. However, it would be also irresponsible to think that once we take action the problem will be gone forever. Battle against cheater is one that will surely won't end with one click..."

    b) In the Developers Q&A video published by Supercell on June 30, 2017, Frisco said, "Another hot topic you've been asking about lately is bots. Yes, we know. They're annoying. They can be in your newspaper, in your roadship shop. Some of you even suggested that we have a report button so you can report them. Well, we have systems in place to detect them. And we want you to focus on your farms, on having fun, taking care of your animals, your town, your fishing area. Leave the bots to us. We will take care of them."

    c) On October 30, 2017, Supercell Community Manager Nick posted that Supercell does sweep for bots but they always return and Team Hay Day hasn't found a way to get rid of the bots permanently.

    d) In the Developers Q&A video published by Supercell in May 2018, Game Designer Camilla posted that "...We do have our data analysts. They're the ones who are researching and checking out what the bots are doing in the game. And we do a lot of bans. But of course with these bots, it's so automated that if we ban 10,000 bots today, tomorrow there's going to be 10,000 new bots. So it's always a cat-and-mouse chase and hopefully we can stay on top of that."

    e) Frisco: "Yeah. Well we're doing many things besides banning. We have different systems that we're testing and implementing. Of course, we not gonna tell you what those are because then you gonna find out and break the system. But yeah, besides banning, we have different things that we're trying out to win this war."

    f) Nick: "Yeah, but still, rest assured. We're ah all the time working and trying to come up with new ideas and ways to counteract the bots. Like Camilla, it's an uphill but I think we're doing pretty OK now and we're getting better."

    5. Why can't Hay Day developers create a feature to allow trading of expansion items?

    Per Nick in November 2017, "...Introducing a trading system which would allow trading BEM's LEM's etc is not an option at the time being. Bots would abuse that system as well, and could make things even worse. + it could throw off the entire balance of the game..."

    6. >>> What is the latest news from Supercell about the bot issue? <<<

    a) Per Supercell Community Manager Nick on January 10, 2019: "As I have said many times, we fight the bots every day, but every single time they get banned, they come back. We need to come up with more ways to 'fool' the bots, which is really difficult and needs a lot of thinking and testing."

    b) Per Nick in October 2018: "Bots have their ways to buy stuff from the market, very quickly. No matter what solutions we put in place, they will always work around it in few hours or even less. We need to come up with something new, and possibly something which will just make their existence moot. That being said, any such solutions would also affect the normal gameplay so we need to be very careful. I want to iterate - the RSS is NOT meant for trading, so if you use it for such you will take a risk as long as there are bots around. Always."

    c) On September 11, 2017, Supercell Community Manager Nick posted the following announcement: "Today we took some serious action against BOTS (=illegal 3rd party software) in Hay Day. Affected are all accounts which have proven to be linked to BOT activity. We did this to make Hay Day a fair and fun game for everyone. Hay Day is about playing with each other, not to have pesky BOTS interfering with the daily chores on your farms. As a result of this we expect less BOT activity in Hay Day..."

    7. How can we help Supercell to combat the bots?

    You can help Supercell if you're a data scientist. Please see recent job announcement description posted by Supercell in December 2018. May you dazzle us with your wizardry.
    "At Supercell, we want our games to be safe and fair for all players, but making that a reality is no easy task. We are in a constant race to combat and stop the small percentage of our players that engage in bad behavior. We're seeking a magical Anti-Fraud Data Scientist with the wizardry, data chops, and strategic thinking to help understand, detect, prevent, and mitigate cheating and fraud, before, while and after it happens.

    You'll be part of both the Data Science team and the Anti-Fraud team, a small cross-functional team that works closely with all game teams as well as our player experience team. You possess the ability to do independent research and generate insights from large data sets as well as proactively develop and deploy analytics models. You'll use these special powers to identify and analyze trends in player behaviour and help to minimize the impact cheating and fraud has on our support channels, keep our game environments safe and fair and ensure the best possible gaming experience for our players..."

    8. If we suspect that the bots bought from us, what can we do to alert Supercell?

    Report to Support in game and screenshot our shops if possible.

    9. Why can't we name the bot publicly in the Supercell forums to warn fellow forumites?

    a) There are real players who share the same name as the P bot.

    b) It's prohibited by the Naming & Shaming rule and will be enforced by the forum moderators (The Mod Squad) because the rule protects the innocent and the guilty.

    c) Please note that posting the full name of the bot will lead to the Mod Squad redacting our posts.

    10. The P bot is a script and not a person, so does the Naming & Shaming rule still apply here?

    Yes, per clarification from the Mod Squad: "While this is true, there will undoubtedly be a number of legitimate players in the game with that same name. Plus there is the issue that while we are all sure it is a bot, it is hard to prove that fact completely."

    11. What is Player Support's advice?

    Sell expansion items at middle price instead of 1 coin or max price.

    12. Is the bot mining the trading thread to raid shops?


    13. What are the motivations of the bots like the P bot?

    It's a variation of gold farming.

    14. What are the ways to beat the bots?

    a) Here are some tips from MikeySpeed in 2017,

    b) Another tip from Vever in 2018,

    15. Can we do an experiment to lure out the bots?

    Here's one conducted by Aardvark10 using throwaway farms as bait to lure out the L bot.

    16. How do longtime players deal with the bots?

    Per Momscar in December 2018, "...The only way I know of to try to rid yourself is to not sell anything in your RSS for a period of time, and then try again. If you aren’t selling there is nothing for a bot to gain. Those seasoned players that have had the same problem have been able to get back to normal farming and exchanging of EMs by doing this."

    17. How can we progress in the game if we can't buy or trade expansion items because of the omnipresent bots?

    Here's the inspiring story of level 221 player named Sooty who maxed his or her barn to 12,000 despite being visited by bots.

    18. May we discuss the ban waves implemented by Supercell to ban the farms using bots?

    No, discussion of ban waves isn't permitted.

    Edit Log

    EDIT1: Giving credit to Sylvie for being the first forumite to alert us about the P bot. And adding Frisco's response to the bot.

    EDIT2: Added Nick's response about a trading system for expansion items.

    EDIT3 on December 6, 2017: Added clarification from Mod Squad about Naming and Shaming rule.

    EDIT4 on February 10, 2018: Added recent sighting of P Bot from dahan0411.

    EDIT5 on August 3, 2018: Added Cami's, Frisco's, and Nick's reply about bots from the Developers Q&A video and tip from Vever.

    EDIT6 on September 29 and October 8, 2018 : Added Aardvark10's experiments to lure out the L bot.

    EDIT7 on October 30, 2018: Added latest update from Nick.

    EDIT8 on November 18, 2018: Defining a bot.

    EDIT9 on November 19, 2018: Discussing how bots work will violate forum rules.

    EDIT10 on December 14, 2018: Added the L bot and M bot.

    EDIT11 on December 15, 2018: Added Supercell's job announcement for a Data Scientist.

    EDIT12 on December 20, 2018: Added inspiring story of Sooty, a lvl 221 player who maxed his or her barn to 12,000.

    Please note the Mod Squad edited the thread title from "Frequently Asked Questions about the P bot" to "Frequently Asked Questions about the bots".

    EDIT13 on December 21, 2018: Added a way longtime players deal with the bots.

    EDIT14 on January 10, 2019: Latest bot news from Nick.

    EDIT15 on January 25, 2019: Numbering the questions.

    EDIT16 on January 29, 2019: Added Frisco's response to hot topic of bots taken from a Youtube video.

    Please note that on February 4, 2019, the Mod Squad updated the thread title to "The One & Only Bot Discussion Thread" so that all subsequent bot discussion will take place in this thread.

    EDIT17 on February 4, 2019: Added additional clarification from the Mod Squad on which rules we'll violate if we discuss how bots.

    EDIT18 on February 6, 2019: Deleted question about wheat bots.

    EDIT19 on February 11, 2019: Added why we shouldn't use bots.

    EDIT19 on February 26, 2019: Discussion of ban waves isn't permitted.
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    What the hell?
    The L entity is as elusive as the Scarlet Pimpernel.
    Yet many farms heard recently the toll of the bell.
    Thank you so much sweet Supercell.

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    Excellent work organizing this FAQ, Lynn. Thank you d resource.

    I would add that - while all the suggestions to thwart this bot were surely made in good faith - the solutions don't work for everyone. And I imagine some of the suggestions for avoidance or prevention are players speculating the best they can and aren't perfectly effective.
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    Good FAQ Lynn, it may help for some.

    I still however think the name and shame rule in this particular instance is wrong, it's a case of where the intent of the rule (to protect a persons reputation) is not met.

    A robotic program clearly is not a person. It's a dirty script.
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    The bot buyer goes back a little earlier than this...

    great resource guide, lynn!
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    I'm sure there's a clue here somewhere...
    Nice job, Lynn. Thanks for all the time and effort you have put into this. It should be helpful to those who haven't read those older threads.

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    I got hit by it two days ago. Tried to swap 10 screws for max price to my main farm and gotvstole in 2 seconds (you know the name it said who took them)
    I tried selling another 10 for the standard middle price. Stolen again near enough straight away. Gutted!
    So I tried 8 screws at 1 gold and stole again.
    What I've figured is try sell BEM's or SEM'S at 2/3/4 or even 5 or 10 gold under max or same under or over at standard or same over minimum gold.
    I tried this with other BEM'S and they didn't get stole.
    Cheers ☺

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    I forgot...
    Excellent piece of work Lynn (something I was trying to find grasp of in other discussions)
    This will surely serve to inform others about the shop-bot issues - thanks a ton!

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    Thanks Lynn, a great summary.

    Farm Level 168. Town 51. 😊
    Please PM for farm ID.

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    What the hell?
    The L entity is as elusive as the Scarlet Pimpernel.
    Yet many farms heard recently the toll of the bell.
    Thank you so much sweet Supercell.

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    The bot visited my baby farm today and snatched 3 planks.
    My baby farm hasn’t bought or sold through the DD for at least 6 months. It buys and sells only from my main farm.
    No followers. No friends but my main farm.

    I seriously doubt that the planks were there for 5 seconds even.
    The only thing different was that baby farm had filled several boats in the current global boat event, thereby making it to the leaderboard.
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