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Thread: Low level leveling

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    Question Low level leveling

    Hello there im new to hay day , actually im on half of 17 level ( yeah i know it's low af ;d ) but my question is : what is the best way to level up fast on the lower levels like mine ?

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    Hello 😁

    The best way to level up is definitely truck orders, IMO. I generally just delete orders with low xp and focus on the higher xp orders, however that usually means you gain a lower amount of coins which can get you into trouble because the machines get more expensive as you level up and trucks and boats will start asking you for products you can't produce because you don't have the machines yet so just be mindful of that and be sure to spend a few days producing items and selling them in your roadside shop after you level up, partiularly if you have a new machine to be unlocked at the next level. If you google all of the machines you get at each level you'll see their prices so you can make sure you have enough money beforehand.

    Other things that generate xp are achievements, tap on the house and check which achievements you're closest to and work on those for easy xp and diamonds. At lower levels its soo easy to get those achievements so take advantage of them 😊

    Also I've found that normal tasks like harvesting crops (particularly if you're wheating), collecting animal produce and collecting from machines generate a decent amount of xp - I've accidentally levelled up this way far too often 😤

    Not sure which level you unlock the mine/boat but try to unlock those as soon as they become available because theyre fab for xp!!

    Just remember though, there's no rush to level up - as tempting as that next machine might be, it's not going anywhere and it will still be there if you level up in a few days once you've made some more money 😁❤️

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    Welcome to the forum.

    The fastest way to gain experience would be to try and keep all of your machines busy making any products they can, growing & selling a lot of wheat to visitors when you don't need any other crops - and filling as many truck orders as you can.

    Beware however if you level up too quickly you may find yourself suffering coin shortages. Having machines available which you cannot buy will slow your progress as the game will ask for items you have unlocked regardless of whether you have the machines to make them or not.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Srukang View Post
    Hello there im new to hay day , actually im on half of 17 level ( yeah i know it's low af ;d ) but my question is : what is the best way to level up fast on the lower levels like mine ?
    Hi and welcome to the forum!

    you can find lots of cool tips here

    meanwhile, keep your machines running as much as possible and do trucks and boats, but only to maybe level 20 or 25. If you level up too quickly, you will find out you have too many machines to buy and not enough money.

    take your time!
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    I miss those days. With hard farming I could level up at least once a day.

    Now I'm at 982,000 for my next level, this takes a bit of time. The perk for getting a higher level is 12 diamonds with my next upgrade. Plus another land plot.

    You're going to want to make sure you save your coins, I remember being extremely "broke" with each new machine that became available. It does get better as you progress.

    Have fun!
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    You don't want to level fast. Leveling fast creates more problems than it solves. Take your time.

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    What everyone else has said!

    Plus, HD really IS about the journey, not the destination. I wish I’d understood that more from the beginning & just enjoyed it more rather than always trying to ‘get ahead’. At the lower levels you get loads of new stuff, I wish I’d just enjoyed that more. For ages now I’ve just got diamonds for levelling up & a field every second time. It’s pretty boring!

    There’s really nothing to be gained from zooming through the levels on HD.

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    I have found that leveling up happens quite naturally just by playing the game.
    And its true that in the lower levels you have more need of coins than leveling up.
    Happy farming!

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    Hello Srukang, welcome to the forum, and hopefully you read the replies (let us know please )

    All of what was said above is relevant, and likely coming from experienced farmers

    I thought of same as you, and learned to pace it and get things resolved one-at-a-time, and not rush it too much.
    In addition, and major to my own progress: find a hood where your own playing style fits, and that helps you to grow.
    The more you help your hoodmates, the more they’ll help you

    Coins are a pain at start, I’d say until at least level 50-55, where your progression spaces out enough that you do not run as much into the ‘zero-coin’ stages. Playing regularly will bring you enough coins for the next machine, with leftovers.

    Happy Farming,

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