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Thread: "Z-Nation" War Clan Is Recruiting!

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    Exclamation "Z-Nation" War Clan Is Recruiting!

    Clan Name: Z-Nation
    Current Information:
    Total Trophies: Aprox. 16,000
    Total Members Currently: 39
    War Wins: 6
    War Frequency: Always
    Language: English (no specific country)
    Clan Established: 10/30/17
    How To Get Elder?: 100 Donations

    1. BE ACTIVE, our really only requirement is that you are active in the clan somehow (Donating, Warring, etc)
    3. 0 Donations Will Be Kicked Once You Are No Longer "New"

    Why Join Us?
    1. I just started a clash of clans youtube channel to help out all our members and your account can be on youtube
    2. You will get better ALOT quicker, aside from custom youtube videos to help my clan out specifically, I also can donate max town hall 10 troops as well as we have max th 11 troops in the clan as well. I'm always trying to help my members and you'll without a doubt become better by joining our clan.
    3. Great members, we all try to be friendly and you can see us talking in the clan chat for HOURS at a time

    Other Things You Might Want To Know?
    1. We war NON-STOP but we do not require anyone to be in war. If you opt into war then YOU HAVE TO USE YOUR ATTACKS.
    2. Is everyone in war? We alternate between small serious wars and large all-in wars. We do 2 10v10 or 15v15 of our war team then we do 1 all-in war where everyone opted in gets to war. This helps us keep a good updated war team.
    3. Please don't ask for promo, its one thing that 'triggers' me.
    4. No Required age but please be mature *enough*

    If you have anymore questions just ask.

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    Still Recruiting

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    Our Clan Is Now At 44/50 Still Recruiting Anyone Active

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    Our Clan Now 50/50 But we will be recruiting tomorrow after this war

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    Clan Currently 46/50

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    Currently 50/50 But Still Recruiting, Just Bookmark

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