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Thread: Adult clans searching for new members

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    Adult clans searching for new members

    Are you over 20 years?
    Do you have daily activities (job, kids, other stuff...?)
    Have you had enough of complicated war strategies?
    Do you like to play Clash?
    Do you just want to be in a great, relaxed, Clash team?

    If your answers are YES!!! You are in the right place!!!
    You just found the clans who can give you all of this!!!

    We are a group of 2 international clans, English speaking, who like no stress/no drama. We use Discord for communication, you are required to download it. Both clans are connected in Discord so you know what is going on in both clans.

    Our Clans:

    Chill Out – more serious war clan for advanced players.

    Too Chilled Out –easy war and learning clan for new and less experienced players or those just getting back into the game.

    Please read all our requirements before you like to join us!!!

    You don't have to hang in chat and doing chit chat all the time. We all have daily activities like job, kids, hobbies and other things, but you still can't resist to play Clash. Trying to be better and putting in some effort to become a 3 star attacker? We can offer you all this.

    You don't believe? Yes we CAN!!!

    Chill Out
    Clan tag: #J0L0CCRR(with zeros)

    We take wars seriously but have a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. We take in wars more advanced players with knowledge of how to attack in wars successfully. Of course we offer you any help you may need. Most important is that you like wars and are willing to improve your attacks.

    We have a lot of articles in our Discord channels how to build your base in proper way and how to attack with different troops.

    RECRUITING THs 6, 7 and 8 that are willing to follow our base upgrade plan.

    What we expect from you:

    • Follow the war plan, team comes first
    • English speaking, adults 20+ only please.
    • Discord messenger is required for communication outside CoC and for war strategies
    • If you’ve recently had a TH upgrade, follow our upgrade plan
    • Offense comes first, maintain high offense to defense strength ratio
    • Show activity and steady progress on your offense upgrades
    • No drama. Respect your clanmates

    Clan rules are not complicated. You can »opt out« of wars anytime you want but it is expected to play wars at least once or twice a week. You are requested to »opt out« when your heroes are sleeping or spell factory is upgrading or you can't attack for any reason.

    If you participate in wars you are expected to do both attacks.

    Wars are 3 times a week.

    If you would like to visit us and find out if we are good match type in request: »BA sent me« or mention you found us on forums.

    Too Chilled Out
    Clan tag: #GUUCJQJP

    This is a war practicing and relaxing clan with a friendly atmosphere. If you aren't able to 3 star your opponent's base don't worry, we are here to help. Most important is that you like wars and are willing to improve your attacks.

    There are MAX troops available in main clan. Usually someone with high troops will come over and donate high level troops for war. You can jump back and forth between clans anytime you want. You can learn and practice here. If you like to watch attacks in our main clan Chill Out you can go there and check out attacks, you are welcome to do so.

    Our clan uses Discord for communication. You are required to download it!!!

    We are currently recruiting active mature clashers all lvl THs with a desire to learn, warring and have fun.

    Wars are 3 times a week. If you "opt in" for war it is expected to do both attacks. You are requested to "opt out" if you cannot attack for any reason or if you upgrading heroes or spell factories.

    If you like to try us type in request: »Cerberus sent me « or found us on forum

    See ya !!!!

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