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    Quote Originally Posted by Momx15 View Post
    Due to the difficulties that the larger hoods have with finding tasks, they may actually do better playing a straight derby. Hopefully, the next update will bring some adjustments to help balance things for those larger hoods.
    Spot on. We have 16 in our NH. We ignored the first derby, tried this one, and guarantee we will ignore the next one.

    You don't opt out, you just pay no attention to the bingo board and play as though it didn't exist. Without major changes, which at this point I doubt is going to happen, it's too riddled with problems and causes way too much discord within the group. Not worth it on any level if you have more than a handful of people playing.

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    in the protection of privacy there is no consumer protection? Do you continue to steal money and then if you have a bug and damaged a neighborhood for thousands of dollars returned with a decoration? just suck

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    I think that the bingo derbies are much better than most ”special disaster derbies” that we have seen in the past months.

    I hope we don’t see those disaster derbies anymore that make playing boring like millions of people are selling the same products at the same time.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fatfinger View Post
    there must be a guarantee that every bingo task for every box will come up, maybe as low as 230. This will ensure every bingo derby three tasks is always achievable
    And I want all my lottery tickets to be winning or I will not buy them.

    I love bingo derby.

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