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    Quote Originally Posted by Sammy Under A Mistletoe View Post
    He was scum in the last game and was MvP as well.
    His performances so far in 2-3 other TvMs as town has been applauded by most, if not all.
    He is Raja with a bonafide applaudable track record thus far.
    In a nutshell, Raja has been hailed as a credible and strong player so far.
    - Sammy

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    Thanx to all of you who entered! I hope you had as much fun as we did! The mods will take some time now to vote and I will announce your winners as soon as possible.

    Stay tuned....another contest is coming REALLY soon!

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    just to make you aware that this competition has not been forgotten - the moderator looking after it, PetDragon, has been unavailable over the Christmas period. Apologies for the delay in posting any results.

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