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    Lightbulb Better Upgrading Menus


    This is my first supercell forum post, so please be nice. I know it’s long but I guarantee the read is worth your time. Please skip to “3. Best solution” if you have a small attention span. I've had these ideas for years so I thought it's about time I shared.

    Some background: I'm a Level 8/Level 5 (builder) farmer. so I focus heavily on leveling everything up, and I don't battle very much; my level-up experience is very important to me. Because Hall, troop, resource, defense, etc. all use the term "level", I am going to refer to Hall level as rank from here on out for clarity.

    My problem: The number of and/or specific levels that are available for a player to upgrade within their given rank aren't clearly shown when you go into any upgrade menu. When I want to upgrade anything or plan how to spend my resources in a good order to get me to a higher level fast, I have to use external charts and graphs (note the "town hall level required" in the level stat graph: to give myself this important info, and it is potentially out of date whenever I update my app. This would have been very useful to know when, for example, I upgraded my Archer Tower to level 9, (as a rank 8), believing it was maxed for my rank (an important step for me) only to discover I could update it again to level 10 as a rank 8, which means I had to upgrade all 5 again, messing with my upgrade plans.

    I have some proposed solutions and additional features that would personally enhance my experience, although I hope others agree that it is much more useful and convenient than having to make external charts on data with a proclivity to change. Specifically I am giving possible ways of showing which levels can be accessed at a given rank. This can be done in a few different ways with varying levels of detail. Ideally, the effects would carry over in defenses, troops, resources, and anything else that uses the upgrade feature.
    1. Simple solution: When you click on your Hall, it shows you required things to build before you can upgrade. It could have an additional dropdown showing all the possible things you can upgrade. It would not be particularly difficult if you did the little additional info ellipsis that was done when changing your view from, for example, the barbarian king to his iron fist info.

    2. More detailed solution: When you choose to upgrade something, like an archer tower, in the info section, it tells you how many levels you can upgrade, possibly based on your rank.
    • Perhaps there could be a pulldown with this "additional info" like the aforementioned ellipsis since it might be hard to make a level description players'-rank-specific, and might require a reasonable amount of text.
    • In addition to the levels that can be reached within a rank, the cost of that upgrade would be useful to know.

    3. Best solution: When you go to upgrade a troop class in your builder base* laboratory, you can see the "upgrade benefits". A menu with this feature showing past and future upgrade benefits is not only incredibly useful now, but can be easily edited to say "available at X rank" (and possibly "upgrade cost: X") in the info description, making it infinitely more informative.
    • Along with showing the available levels per rank and/or prices for those levels, it would enhance the user experience to see the visual change based on those levels, past and future. For example, the wizard's cloak color changes, the cannon goes from grey to gold etc. It would be nice to see the progression, and by updating this "upgrade benefits" menu and applying it to other items, it would be very exciting and would keep me on the app for longer periods of time, just like how gamers love looking at all their skins. I understand that this suggestion alone would be a lot of work and design to realize, but I honestly think its the most important.
    • Ideally, this kind of scrolling menu would not just be for barbarians and archers etc. in the laboratory, but also the Laboratory itself, Archer Towers, spring traps, etc.
    • Alternatively, just how in the current "upgrade benefits" menu the passed levels of a troop are in color, the current level is highlighted in purple, and future levels are greyed out perhaps the available levels for a player's rank could be in red or something, to show slightly more availability.

    *only the builder base - the laboratory upgrade menu in the regular base is different (and much less detailed, no "upgrade benefits"); PLEASE FIX so they are the same
    Thanks for reading!
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    This is your FIRST???

    Mods, new GASP please.

    Seriously though, this is stunning for a first post and lovely detailed idea!

    (slight bump due to this being mod approved)

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    Thank you very much! I’ve posted on other forums before, and I can be a little long winded but I try to explain the best I can. Would love it if some of these ideas actually happened one day. It’s the reason I joined this forum.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BakusClasher View Post
    This is your FIRST???

    Mods, new GASP please.

    Seriously though, this is stunning for a first post and lovely detailed idea!

    (slight bump due to this being mod approved)
    ​My thoughts as well I enjoy reading well written ideas, we do need more of them around here
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    This will stop people from making engineered bases and it can cause a huge loss to supercell economy....

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