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    Quote Originally Posted by RealPlayer View Post
    Most people are below 4k. This imbalance affects many players. If you're at a level where it doesn't happen anymore, good for you. It's still an issue in the game. Nobody starts with 4k trophies.
    You're not getting it. If your well below 4K like you are, how many max defenses do you have? How are those level 4-6 defenses supposed to hold up to max troops? Balance isn't making troops average against below average defenses.

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    I also don't see they changing anything because of a post but I do want to know what people think.
    So far most of the responses are something like "I'm high trophy level, it doesn't affect me, so it's not a problem."

    But it is in the game bothering a lot of players. In one of my responses I asked: Why should I care about careful unit deployment, and perfect timings in battle when all my opponents have to do is to spam overpowered units at a corner in a mindless attack that gets them excellent results without effort ? Is there any purpose to play repeatedly like this ?

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    Very few people are above 4K, so don't try to prove a rule based on exceptions. Just because it's not your problem doesn't it isn't a problem.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RealPlayer View Post
    Very few people are above 4K, so don't try to prove a rule based on exceptions. Just because it's not your problem doesn't it isn't a problem.
    Yes but game balance very much has to consider high end game play. If witches were as OP as you suggest all the top players would have witches filling their camps.

    witches are one of the later troops unlocked and are expensive in time and resources to upgrade, they should be powerful.

    but as many people have pointed out they are also quite fragile. Any ground based defense that tagets them takes them out very quickly, including some cheap traps like springs and big bombs and you only get 2 measly witches per camp.

    the fact that well upgraded witches can steam roll lower level bases is not a problem. It's kind of like complaining that upgrade Miners can steam roll a town hall 9 or rushed town hall 11 on the main base.

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    Why do you reply with multiple posts? Its annoying and probably against forum rules. You can edit a post instead ...

    You can spam most troops if your opponent has weak defenses. Baby dragons, minions, archers, barbarians, ... With lvl6 defenses you are still bh6 and not bh7. Maxed troops should always be able to 3 star you. The fact that witches can't crush you shows that they are too weak and should get a buff instead.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RealPlayer View Post
    As mentioned in some of my responses, Witches are not my problem anymore. I did my statement in hopes that people would understand that I'm not here to complain about a personal issue. So it's not a contradiction because it's not *my* problem, but *is* a problem.

    I'm honestly talking about the game itself. Supercell screwed up cannon carts before and now they are better balanced. They make mistakes and NW's are one of them. Just because I "fixed" my problem by defending against witches (and making my base slightly more vulnerable to other attacks just because NW spam is too frequent) it doesn't mean witches are not a problem inside the game.
    The fact you "fixed" it doesn't mean they aren't a problem.

    But the fact you feel you had to "fix" it doesn't mean they are a problem either.

    I haven't seen anybody here saying that they aren't affected therefore they aren't a problem.

    We are all (apart from you) agreed that they simply aren't a problem.

    They are a troop which in a fairly small range of trophies when you are BH6 are probably the most effective troop around. Once you hit BH7, other troops become more effective (level 14 barch are more often useful than lvl14 witches or mitch), and at BH5 other troops are also more effective.

    That is such a small window where they are maybe slightly OP that it really makes no sense to nerf them. If they were to be nerfed, it would need to be only level 12 witches whose stats would be changed, as that is the only level at which they are the most useful troop around.
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    But when something like an update is to be expected all stupid breaks loose and it just becomes an idiot storm of catastrophic proportion.
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    Any more balance to th10 will make th10 broken...
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    First and foremost - you really need to learn how to use the quoting system; your responses make no sense without the antecedent posts. You can go through and hit the box with the + symbol on every post you intend to respond to (even across pages) then hit the reply button on the last one...this will quote all the original posts and you simply go through and add your reply under each quoted section.

    That said...I don’t think you are really reading what’s been said. Generally speaking, there is agreement that NWs are NOT overpowered and no nerf is necessary. Each level is well suited for the BH level where it comes into play. If a rushed game os weak against a particular troop, that’s on the individual player. The imbalance is with the player’s game; not the game itself.

    There are no overpowered troops on the BB - only underpowered players.
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