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    Quote Originally Posted by Fireseal View Post
    There is a sizable portion of players who do not like execution based results. They prefer spray and pray tactics. These people also pay money to get upgrades such as this, faster. I do not foresee changes coming.
    Except...NWs as “spray and pray” doesn’t really work well at late BH6 and not at all at BH7. Any competent player, F2P or otherwise, can easily defend well against NW attacks by simply evolving their defense smartly and using a decent base design.

    There are no OP troops at BH7...only underpowered players....
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    i have never seen a mass pure witch attack working around 4600 cups... at best it will end up with low 60% one star...

    if the BM is down and the MM is still up, it is GG well played.... if the AB is also still up, u will be wishing for a surrender button...

    even mitch is getting rare... i only see barch/bomberian/drop minions most of the time..
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    Quote Originally Posted by RealPlayer;11215230


    Around 40% of the players attack me with Max Level Witches combined with Level +10 BM. +90% of those attacks consist of:

    1. Locating the Air bombs, Mortar and Crusher.
    2. Eye balling the approximate geometrical center of those defenses (accounting for lopsided bases).
    3. *Spam deploy All units* (witches + battle machine) all at once in one of the corners of the map as far enough as possible.
    4. Wait for results.
    1. What everyone does on every attack.
    2. See 1
    3. Distance helps, but spam in one corner? Not above 4K, nope.
    4. See 1 again.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SilverX View Post
    In regards to OP's Conclusion paragraph 3, you mentioned your base can hold against Mass Spam Witch attack to less than single star, it is kind of "contradicts" with your request that it should be nerfed.
    I knew somebody would mention that :-) It doesn't contradict anything. I made that statement to let it *clear* that I'm not here to complain about personal reasons. I can beat the witches (which by the way costs me, because focusing your defense on certain types of attack let's you vulnerable to other types of attacks) but it's a waste in my opinion.

    I'm forced to keep my base protected from people who drop all their units at once in a mindless attack that only succeeds because the units are too powerful.

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    That's my point. I'm trying to let it clear that NW are not my particular problem anymore, but they are a problem inside the game for a lot of players. I wouldn't complain about a balanced unit.

    Keep in mind that Supercell do make mistakes, remember how the cannon carts needed to be re-balanced ? I think it's the case with nw units.

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    I can rephrase it like so: Why should I care about careful unit deployment and tricky timings (which is what makes this game great imo) when all my opponents have to do is to deploy all units in less than ten seconds to achieve 2 stars or more ?

    As mentioned, I could do the same, I just don't think it makes sense. I also tried to let it clear that it is not my problem now, since I learned how to defend against them (but it costs me as mentioned in one of my responses), but it's there! It's in the game and we are getting more of the same. I don't want to keep winning (or losing!) just because a unit is out of balance.

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    I don't think they are underpowered (especially with two ranged attacks!) but I do agree with the rest of your statement about deploying them far way being pretty much the "only" option.

    People found a kind of exploit attack and they will abusing it until witches get balanced.

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    As mentioned in some of my responses, Witches are not my problem anymore. I did my statement in hopes that people would understand that I'm not here to complain about a personal issue. So it's not a contradiction because it's not *my* problem, but *is* a problem.

    I'm honestly talking about the game itself. Supercell screwed up cannon carts before and now they are better balanced. They make mistakes and NW's are one of them. Just because I "fixed" my problem by defending against witches (and making my base slightly more vulnerable to other attacks just because NW spam is too frequent) it doesn't mean witches are not a problem inside the game.

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    Most people are below 4k. This imbalance affects many players. If you're at a level where it doesn't happen anymore, good for you. It's still an issue in the game. Nobody starts with 4k trophies.

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    Summarizing: You don't see any need to change something that doesn't affect you personally.

    I let it clear in my post that it's not affecting me anymore, so it's not a personal rant. I'm truly stating that those units affect the game in a imbalanced way for a lot of people, that's all.

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