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    Easiest way to manage feed is to run a mini

    I have the mini make longer to produce feeds like goat and sheep in large numbers, so I can run chicken on my main when actively playing and cow/pig when I'm not.

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    I have both mills fully expanded and mastered, and treat chicken harvesting as optional (I can always buy eggs). I make replacement feed as soon as possible after harvesting and feeding the animals. So my system is:

    While actively playing or checking in frequently:
    mill 1: 4 chicken feed, 5 cow feed alternating all the time. This combo takes one hour, so there is always a batch of fresh cow food when I need it, plus some bonus chicken food.
    mill 2: I load up 5 pig, 4 sheep. As they finish I load another sheep, then 4 goat, then chicken. Once I harvest the pigs, I put more pig feed into the cycle, then keep loading chicken until I harvest the sheep, and so on.

    If I'm going to be away for a while:
    I skip the chicken feed and load up as much of the other four as I need to make enough for the next harvest. Then I fill any empty slots with sanctuary animal feed.

    Every now and then the system falls over (I'm looking at YOU, Rose!) so I might split a batch over both mills to get enough feed quickly, but most of the time this works pretty well
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    I only have 5 slots on each with 2 stars and works perfectly fine for me. I mostly buy eggs and dont make chicken feeds unless I decide to go wheating for some hours.
    1st mill : Cow 3x ll pigs 2x ll
    2nd mill : Cow 2x ll pigs 3xll
    I prefer making sheep and goat feed while I know I will be away for couple of hours from the game. Or As soon as my pigs are fed I make cow feeds again and stack it for next 2 harvest and then enough time for the sheep feed.

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    seems that everyone has their own method that works best for them

    For me, both of my machines have 6 slots each.
    Machine one alternates between chicken and cow feed only, as needed, but usually 6x3 chicken followed by 5x3 cow followed by more chicken, then more cow. Granted my chickens only eat once an hour along with the cows, but I can buy eggs to supplement.

    First thing I start Machine 2 on Pig feed, then Sheep feed, then Goat feed - by the time the pigs are hungry again, I'm just about to put in another pig feed.

    During my away hours, I try to double up on the sheep and goat feed so I can make enough to feed before bed, and in the morning, and/or make extra chicken feed. I make only sanctuary feed overnight to keep the machines running as much as possible. Still a ways off from 3 stars.

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    I was little disappointed that nobody provided any math in this thread, that is it possible to keep all animals feeded all the time. I mean is it possible to run your farm 24/7 and keep collecting eggs every 20 minutes etc.

    Finally I made some quick calculations. In 4 hours you would need to feed 216 chickens, 60 cows, 15 pigs, 10 sheeps and 6 goats. And with fully mastered feed mill that would take more than 11 hours (or 5.5hours with 2 mills).

    And if you want to feed your zoo animals too, you would lag behind even more.

    And some empirical evidence for this: I asked Rose to collect lots of eggs (and 12/15 of other animal products) and my farm is now full of hungry animals.

    Edit: and that 4 hours was chosen just for convenience. One can choose any time frame if not afraid of fractions
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    This thread dates from Nov 2017 with the last previous post being Feb 2018.

    I deleted your previous post as the thread had been bumped by a spam bot and I wondered if that was why you had replied....

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    Yeah, probably that's the reason. I should read the timestamps

    Sorry for bumbing an old thread.
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