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Thread: How to adjust to the new rules?

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    How to adjust to the new rules?

    I have a maxed account and a mutant one -both 10s. The latter lacks infernos, x-bows, and a few more buildings - wiz towers, mortars, bomb towers.

    The mutant account was created in response to the constant war losses due to multiple engineers against us.
    Things have now changed, but I`m not sure how exactly.

    There are other members in my clan (9s mostly) with missing def structures (x-bows and wiz towers mainly).

    The question is - if all of us place the missing buildings and upgrade them to a decent level, without maxing them, would this match us against other normal clans with regular development? Or would this make it even worse than now -instead of only 3th 11s vs th9s, the increased def weight would match us against 6 th 11s.

    I think this question applies to a lot of people who responded to the mutant epidemic by engineering themselves.
    I am tired of seeing (we all are really) these one cannon bases in war, but I am not sure how to avoid them.

    Before, we used to play like this - place all new buildings, but leave x-bow, wiz tower and mortar upgrades for last.
    This way, we were not that heavy, yet we had a stable and decent def. against other clans. People who maxed their wiz towers and mortars first would match against us and often have lower air def etc.

    I am ready to shift the clan back to its previous state - normal development, no missing buildings. I fear, however, that such a shift, coupled with continuing and even increased number of mutant war match ups would tear the clan apart. Once all buildings are placed, nothing can be done. 5 consecutive wars against mutants and there would be no more incentive to stay online.

    Does anyone have experience with this - having a regular clan, mutantless?

    we are not a win-lose-win-lose war log clan, we tend to get 2 out of 3 wars.
    We just want to have 10s battling 10s, 9s vs 9s etc. Have a winner, based on skill, not on number 12 3-starring number1.

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    I'm in a clan with 40+ people. Where we used to regularly war 25v25 or 30v30.
    After losing a lot to engineers we decided to join them and made a lineup with 3 max th11, 2 Max th10.
    5- 9.75(th11 without inferno and ea). 5-9.5(th10 with th9 defense/no inferno)
    6th9 and 4-8.5(th9 without xbow)

    After it got changed, we adapted and informed everyone to drop defenses.
    And we're getting fair matchups without any problem.
    Lower levels defense/mid level defenses. However, Adding a 9.5(no inferno)/10.5(No ea) gets us horrible matchups.

    So, after experiencing all these. I would say you can inform everyone to drop defenses, and keep building it. And yes if all defenses are added irrespective of what level. You can war and you'll be able to find fair matchups.
    Good luck.

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    We too have gone 'legit'. We only run 10-9-8s though (no 11s)

    We are seeing a few unbalanced matches but we are still balancing ourselves out so that is to be expected

    I do have more confidence in getting a better match now

    I just need to find where the engi museum is

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    We still run engineered and .5 bases and get fine matches

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    And thus the growth of FWA........

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    Never experienced engineer clans until we started adding th11's into the mix. The day our first th10 made the jump to th11 is when we started seeing the ugly side of war matchups.

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    Do not put such bases in war which have offensive weight more than the defensive weight or MM will consider it as engineer.

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    I'm in a maxxer clan. We have all defenses, high level to max heroes, good offense, and we range from TH8-TH11 although our wars do not always include the TH8. We might get 1 out of 10 fair matchups. This current match is the closest we've had to "fair" in the last 3ish weeks. 1 TH11 to our 1, 3 TH10 + 1 engi TH10 to our 3 TH10, they have 3 TH8s and a TH6 at the bottom of their map whilst we only have 1 TH8.

    Usually we are outnumbered in TH11s so I'm resigned to be happy with this match. We win some and lose some like I'm sure other clans do as well, but it gets tiring. Same as another forumer mentioned, when our TH11s sit out, we seem to get better matches.
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    Thanks for all the info. Will test and try. For now, will try to ruin a few wars for engi mutants. First one just started.
    We are
    1 th10(no inferno, xbows, 4th wiz tower and no bomb towers)
    6 th9s ( 2 without xbows etc.)
    1 th7

    They got: 3 th10, 2th11, 3th9, 1 th8, 1th7

    Plot twist - 2 infernos, 5 xbows, wiz towers and bomb towers are now being placed on our bases. Costs some crystals, but hey - these mutants have strong armies, let's give them strong bases to attack.

    I plan on placing new strong buildings the next few wars. We are done with engineering, hope this new policy would get us similar opponents and wars won by skill, not higher town halls beating lower ones.

    Will post here how wars go for us.
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