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    We also had about three or four 400-pt Sweets tasks, but I could handle only one. It's so good to be at a level with more than 150 fields to plant strawberries which takes 8 hours! Before we started derby, I had all 150 fields of strawberries ready to go. The toffee and vanilla ice cream were previously stacked so it was a cinch. There were only 2 of us opting in because everyone was busy with Thanksgiving preparations and I finished ten 400-pt tasks within about 12 hrs. Yes, I did use diamonds to call in a few boats (took 3 booat tasks) but I needed to finish fast to have time to do Thanksgiving preparations.

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    Yet another 'special' derby and another painful experience ...

    I am the main trash-task-man in the NH and the amount of boat tasks are really insane ...
    sometimes 3, 4 or 5 per batch ... that's crazy ! It is an onslaught

    Even if I have more than 1 thousand diamonds in the bank, I never use them to call a boat early ...
    I use them to pay Tom to fill the boat instead ... my choice.

    Still have to see a 400 points task for buttered popcorn / cookies / feta pie / orange tea or toffee ...
    I start to doubt that they really exist ... they appear in the announcement poster ... anybody have
    seen any of those ?

    Anyway, most probably they will last longer than a boat task ... so who will take them ? We usually
    delete (or trash) tasks that are longer than 12 hours (without preparation).

    Every time there is a 'special' derby, I hope it will be fun ... but ... each time it is a boring week

    Load your machine and forget for a few hours ... come back, collect and reload ...
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    HejePi, I am in a similar position to you. Boats have completely dominated the task board. I have had a 400 point feta Pie task and a 400 point fish and chip but like you not had 400 point butter popcorn, cookie or toffee tasks which I have stacked for. Real life has had a roll to play in that too as I have travelled over 600 kms to celebrate my mothers 90th birthday with her so restricted time to trash tasks as I am a solo hood.

    It really does seem totally uneven, the algorithm creating all the boat tasks. I have done two boats included in the orders basket but will be not calling any boats as that is not what I want to do. I am preparing items for another fish and chip task and for another tough task. Just done another refresh of the task board and 3 boat tasks on it. I am very frustrated to say the least.

    Now my focus is to try and keep out of the bottom 3.
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    Same as those above have commented. Trashed all week. Its saturday night now and even though there are up to 4 boats on ever trash cycle (usually 1 or 2 but 3 or even 4 have happened) still have not seen even ONE 400 pointer for the same tasks as others above me have mentioned. Very boring week. I will still finish. Our neighborhood will finish 2nd place and nobody is spending diamonds. BUT I have done 2 boat taskd and FIVE Angler Basket tasks. (BORING) I had stacked everthing just about (ready with toffee, blue hats, bb muffins, butter popcorn, feta pie, van ice-cream, etc) what a waste of time prepping for the week. Really wish they would tweek the algorithm so all the special tasks come up at the same percentage. We will taje 2nd place and not spend any diamonds but it sure has been a BORING week.

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