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Thread: Love Clash Royale...but why empower trolls? It's really annoying.

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    Angry Love Clash Royale...but why empower trolls? It's really annoying.

    I love Clash Royale. It's arguably the best mobile game ever created. It's a lot of fun, offers tons of stuff to do, and has retained me as a player far longer than any other mobile title I've played. I'm happy to spend money here and there, and feel really invested in my clan, tournaments, and gameplay.

    That said...

    The emote system frustrates me to no end. It feels like it's particularly empowering of trolls. Spamming laughter, sarcastic "good game" and "thanks" posts, tears when you lose a tower. A little trash talk now and then is fun, but trolls take it to the extreme. Yes - I know we can mute. But I don't want to mute.

    How about a roll eyes? How about a "thumbs down"? How about any way to at least respond that doesn't completely emasculate you, and not have to ignore or mute? How about limiting spams?

    I would seriously pay $100 for a middle finger emote.

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    I have an undying hatred for the emotes. They add nothing but anger to the game for me. I want a settings option to permanently mute them.
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    That's a part of any game, real life or Clash Royale...

    Don't let your opponent get in your head.
    Why is Supercell closing the forums? They just hate all the Hog Rider nerf threads so they close down the entire CR forum, and spoiler alert: There are no tags for a Balance Change suggestion in Reddit. Let's stay connected thru Discord, and fight for cause! And ClashOfHolmes is amazing at sigs! Too bad the forums are closing! (There are no sigs in Reddit.)

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