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Thread: Family clans ?

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    Family clans ?

    Hello, Iím an American th9, I have a level three clan, Righteous Right. I am looking to be a second clan or join a family organization. Iím lookin for a mostly adult clan, mature, but also fun and likes to war. If you are intrested In having a family clan or family organization please get back to me! Only joining a family if the clan is lvl 8-9+

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    Hey! I see you are looking for a clan, I am currently rebuilding a level 13 war clan and would love to have you. Here is the clans tag #290V02YV hope to see you in game♥

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    War Clan Seeking Members, Apply Within! I am definitely looking to add a clan to my family. Please message me to discuss further.

    Hi! I'm the leader of Bregan D'aerth (Clan Tag #YC2CUPUV) and our feeder, BrotherhoodPL (Y228CRC0).

    About Bregan D'aerth:

    12th level war clan
    208 war wins
    46 members
    We war non-stop
    Currently ranked 21,796th in the world and 1,210th in the United States

    About our Feeder, BrotherhoodPL (i.e. our AAA baseball team):

    12th level war clan
    291 war wins
    46 members
    We war non-stop
    Currently ranked 161,534th in the world

    We also have a 3rd feeder now for when the first 2 fill up. If there are no spots open in Bregan or Brotherhood, please go here.

    About our 2nd Feeder Great Wolf (i.e. our AA baseball team):

    12th level war clan
    256 war wins
    41 members
    We war non-stop

    Which clan should you join?
    We are recruiting .5 bases and engineered accounts. These will go into my feeder, BrotherhoodPL. We used to have a large number of these bases in Bregan, but the recent shift in the war match-up formula has created a situation where we were getting our butts kicked in war, sometimes facing 10-12 fully engineered th11s against us. So we moved all of those bases into the feeder. Bregan is entirely fair play. We accept those bases, but not in the main clan anymore.

    Requirements to join Bregan:
    If you're TH11 - must have 60 combined hero levels & have built Eagle Artillery
    If you're TH10 - must have 40 combined hero levels and have built both Inferno Towers
    If you're TH9 - must have 30 combined hero levels and have built both X-bows
    If you're TH8 - must have 3rd level dragons

    If you do not qualify for Bregan, join BrotherhoodPL.
    Brotherhood's requirements are TH8 or higher who does not meet above requirements or
    TH7 with 2nd level dragons

    If you do not qualify for Bregan or BrotherhoodPL, join Great Wolf.

    **If Bregan is full, please go to our feeder/farming clan until a spot opens up. We regularly do 50vs50 wars, so you have to join the feeder when that's going on. Obviously I will not have room for you in Bregan D'aerth while that's going on. Or likewise, if we're doing a 50 vs 50 in the feeder, you will have to join Bregan until that war is over, even if you would not normally qualify.
    **If you're not a hardcore war player and more of a farmer, please go to the feeder.
    **If you WANT to be a hardcore war player but aren't ready yet, please go to the feeder for practice.
    **If you are a hardcore war player but do not meet the above requirements for the main clan, please go to BrotherhoodPL until you do.
    **Once a spot opens up we'll promote the best guy in the feeder back to the main clan.

    We are a group of international clashers hailing from the US, UK, India, Finland, Ireland, Canada, Mexico, Sweden, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Belgium & France i.e. all over the world. Because our clans are so diverse you can expect donations 24/7 with people being up at different times of the day.

    Everyone in the clan is very respectful. No one will berate you for a war attack not turning out the way you planned. This has happened to everybody. The important thing is that you try to learn from your mistakes and improve as a player.

    Screenshots of recent wars, we obliterated the opposition (click the pic to make it larger)


    1) We war non-stop. You can opt out anytime, but if you're in you must participate.
    2) Donate the troops that someone requests.
    3) Be respectful towards your fellow clan members.
    4) Opt out of war when your heroes are down or your spell factory is upgrading.
    5) Never attack in war without a full clan castle and spells.
    6) Always read clan mail
    7) You must participate in wars at least some of the time! We are war clans.
    8) This rule is a fun one. Anytime you request troops you MUST post a friendly challenge. This provides everyone with more opportunities for practice.
    9) Please do not do loot attacks in war. If there are based that have not been 3 starred, we expect you to try your best and hit them, even if your chances of success are low.

    If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask, I'm an open book! Message me here or on kik @ DixieNormas8

    When you request to join please say, "Ultrin sent me" in your reply so we know you aren't a war spy.

    Feel free to join our Facebook Group, Bregan D'aerth of CoC!!

    Join our Discord Channel Bregan Brotherhood
    NOTE: Discord is NOT a requirement. I do not force members to use it, if you do not want to download any other apps to supplement standard game play, that's perfectly fine by me.

    Join our Clash Royale clan, Psycho Hardware! #8JP229 We always get the full clan chest!!

    Hope to see you soon!!

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    what are you offering? what are you looking to get out of it?

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    Looking to run a clan in the family maybe a resting clan a training clan

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    Hey! We are Task Force Echo(#YP08VLGP), level 12 clan. Also have a brand new feeder! Part of a family with 4 other league clans

    We just finished our FWL season 2 as the runner up with a record of 5-2. Looking for members for MLCW S5

    Currently we are recruiting townhall 9 (Max war troops and25/25+), townhall 10 (max war troops and 35/35+ heroes), th11 (45/45/20)

    We really hate to lose. We currently have a 267W 42L war record, and intend for it to keep growing. If you suck but want to get good, we will teach you. If you are good and want to suck then that makes no sense. We realize that being competitive and being a ďgood-3-star-attackerĒ are very different. If you have to urge to win, you are in.
    We want members who WANT to learn

    We like to follow the competitive war scene and keep up with the meta, which means we are also constantly learning. We will teach you, you just need to be willing.

    We do have a few requirements as well
    - Members need to download Discord, an external app we use for communication.
    - Use warmatch bot for war attacks
    And a few others that we can talk about in game if you are interested.

    Say you came from discord!

    Check our discord out ^

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    Without knowing more about your account (post your player ID!), it's hard to say which of our clans you would best fit in... if any. Have a look and decide! Contact us in-game #GVVU90VU or on Discord.

    Hope to see you soon.
    TheCrimsonKeep (#JQVJVUR): Serious war clan. th10+. Adults, supportive and friendly. Always improving.
    TheCrimsonKeep2 (#GVVU90VU): Casual war clan. Balanced th7+. Takes a day off between wars.
    TheCrimsonGate (#8J9QVPRCQ): Feeder to TCK and TCK2. Recruiting th7+. Learn the ropes.

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