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Thread: Mortar Glitch

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    Unhappy Mortar Glitch

    As a mortar player, I’m experiencing a glitch when a troop(s) is at the inner range line for a mortar. the mortar, just sits there and doesn’t shoot the troop or the tower. This cause elexir losses for me and changes play.

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    Tim answered our questions, I agree, and I hope grows.
    Yea that sucks, SC is too lazy to make a quick maintenance or balance changes so you'll have to wait a couple of months...sorry.

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    With the Cr forums shutting down it looks like I'm moving
    To word it better, supercell knows about this bug and can't fix it with a simple maintenance/balance change. Which means they'll get it in the next update(December).
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    I'm on an actually good device (android) and I have this issue as well. Same as my friend. Please fix SC.
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