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Thread: Looking for a clan

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    Looking for a clan

    I'm looking for a clan that gets 10/10 clan chests,has active players and have trophies around 2.7k I'm always active and I usually average about 100 crowns per clan chest I have around 2800 trophies, also a mentor would be great cause I want to be in arena 10

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    Hey Bro,

    Join Caspers Kingdom.
    10/10 Chests Since Day 1.
    Very Friendly Highly Active Members.
    49/50 Members.
    2400 Min Trophies To Join.
    I'm At 4.1k.

    Regards King Casper

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    Check out The Magikarp Squad (#222LQJR2) we're a smaller clan that always gets clan chest 10 and donations are never an issue 👍

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    Come join us and I'll guide to to arena 10. I'm in Challenger 1 as a level 11 player so I know what I'm doing. We never fail a clan chest yet with 10/10 every time.

    Clan tag #8V29GCUY

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    Reddit Butter

    Reddit Butter is a RCS verified clan looking for new skilled members to join our family! We are an established clan, created on November 27, 2016!

    A Little About Us!

    We want to welcome the best and those becoming the best. We want players eager to donate and request ( Yes requesting is just as important as donating!), help others, can take criticism, and make friends! The clan was created by the creators of very successful Clash of Clans, clan Reddit Viper! We are currently reconstructing the clan after deleting it months ago, and wed love to have you, its gonna be great again I assure you. A lot of us are well over 4,000 trophies and 5,000 and are very willing to help

    - Any level is allowed
    - 2000 trophies (Subject to change)
    - Friendly people!
    - Discord users highly recommended
    - Able to take Criticism
    - Requests cards daily
    - 200 Weekly donations (Always subject to change!)
    - 30 Weekly crowns during clan chest weeks

    Where to find us!?
    Feel free to respond here!
    Clan : Reddit Butter (We're the only one )
    Clan Tag : #8QLQ29C8

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    I have started a new clan. It is called Clash Combat. The clan tag is #98YRGUYG. The icon is a green gem.

    300 donations & top 10 clan chest= elder

    600+ donations & clan chest leader & overall good attitude/trustworthy and good leadership skills = co-leader

    The goal is to stay active, donate and most importantly, have fun!

    Clan goal= 25,000 trophies (will grow in time)

    Staying active and remaining loyal to the clan & clan goals is valued here. I want to create an enjoyment, positive and fun environment. Elder and/or co-leader come with meeting above expectations in clan chest and donations (and loyalty to clan.) Elder and Co-leader are considered special positions within this clan and need to be earned!

    I provide strategic support to increase clan chest totals and make you stronger in clash royale combat! I also provide positive feedback and shout outs to outstanding clan members.

    Join today!

    Clash Combat
    Clan Tag: #98YRGUYG

    Your humble leader,

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