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Thread: Next update!

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    Exclamation Next update!

    With the next update two things should be changed...

    #1- Tom should be able to look for building supplies
    (Working hard does not get you what you need!)

    #2- There should be different colored exclamation marks.
    People won't water plants because they automatically
    see there are crates to be filled and they leave. Also
    some plants are hard to find so if there was like a red
    exclamation mark or star or something we would know
    what's for a boat and what is for plants.
    (Looking hard doesn't always work on the big farms with lots of decor!)

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    Tom should not be able to look for building supplies, because this would make it incredibly easy to upgrade your barn and silo in a very short space of time using a very small number of diamonds. That would remove one of the biggest challenges - that being, to manage the challenge of a small and only slowly-increasing barn capacity - from the game.

    Believe me, the game would be boring if it was easier to get building materials.

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    #1 -> there's a MUST READ sticky thread that has to be read before posting. If you look at it... your #1 is a ruled out.
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    i agree to there needing to be a difference between help signs. instead of different color, lose the exclamation mark and have 2 pictures. one being that of the boat, other being of bush or tree. if someone needs both, then both pictures go up (side by side, not combined into one).

    as for plants/bushes being hard to find....sometimes people just want to be jerks. had a few people put it directly behind the house, makes me wish i could....nevermind. maybe for a fix, they could make the sign bigger and/or make that specific tree/bush 50% larger than the rest.

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    Re your second demand, I always look to see if there are plants to revive after checking to see if I can help boats. I can’t believe that epode would leave straight away just because they see boat help is needed. I do think though that the plants don’t jump as much as they used to.
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    My plants usually get watered in a couple minutes, without posting in paper. My neighbors, friends, and followers come to revive them as needed. The key is to keep them in plain sight 😊.
    When I visit other farms needing water, and thirsty plants are difficult to find ... I just assume that particular farmer is not really interested in having that plant watered... and I don't waste my time looking for it. Besides, some players hide their help signs on purpose, I have no idea why, but that's a thing someone does.
    This idea of different help signs, or one very much alike, was posted earlier in this forum. I don't know if they'll ever do it or not... in the meanwhile, if your problem is to get your plants watered quickly... just keep them in plain sight, far from moving buildings, so they'll stand out. If your problem is that completing a help task can be difficult because DD is full of boats needing help and not many trees to water... enlarge your friends base, you'll have a lot of helping opportunities without going to search DD 😉

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