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    Level 56/17, looking for a new NH

    Derby active (now : 8+1) 9x315+ tasks. Polite, daily active, and a good neighbour. Current hood is not into derby, so I'm looking for more challenging one. Would prefer a hood that active/friendly/derby focus.


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    Hi cuti3catz!

    Hope you'll consider our team.
    Check us out...

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    Just sent you a pm

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    Hi, I send you pm about our NH
    Besh Wishes on your NH search

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    �� Miss Behaving Spank It !

    Miss Behaving Spank It!

    Yes..that's the hood name!

    3 Openings. 310 or up, Champ League. We love to win!
    Everyone is elder here, trash trash trash! We aren't just a hood, we are a team.

    Looking for a solid friendly helpful dependable team? You found it!

    Competitive international hood looking for friendly helpful members --- We currently have levels up to 151.
    17 strong, we are seeking only 3 more players. Come see what competitive team work is all about.

    No dictators here, just simple rules to make the hood rule smooth.

    RULES: Finish all tasks at 310 or up, no exceptions. Theme derby is 320 or Up. Offer help when you can. Help keep the board up. No required outside communication.

    Non performers, beggars, and totally silent members are removed from the hood promptly! Non stop chat is not required nor desired, but friendly and helpful are expected. Silence is not will be booted if you never speak, simple hello once in awhile is fine.
    Hood TAG #8LPVC2RV. Hood Name - Miss Behaving Spank It. We do 310 up, no crazy drama, just friendly helpful farmers!

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    The Wicked Witches (Tag 9PJQ88QG) is a friendly, helpful COMPETITIVE derby team. When we say competitive, it means we play to place in the top 3. We do not play to be in top champions league ranking. Clearly, we have more important things to do than buy and spend diamonds just to have our name on a ranking board. We have over a 90% success rate in placing in top 3. We are still rather new in terms of establishment of our neighborhood, but the members are not new to the game. A few of us left a complacent hood and started our own drama free, competitive team. We have built a great team of players, who gave become like family, and would like to add a few more players to our team. We are looking for a dedicated team player. We want derby players, who will do all tasks at 310 or above. 10th is optional, but it is great to have members who will take the tenth task to pull the win. We are looking for team players, who play as a we and not a me player. We always have someone to provide the items we need, whether its boat, town, or you just need it because you are low. We also are always helping with upgrades. Many of us are chatty players, so usually someone to talk to. We also have players who dont chat often. We do not allow children in our neighborhood, so it is required that you be an adult to join. If you are looking for a great team and are a team player, please send me a message! We would love to add a few more players to our family. No drama allowed. Hay Day is our escape from day to day drama. Its our happy place and we do not allow anyone to mess that up.

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    Sending u a pm, come check us out..
    Happy Haven; Level 116 Town 32
    Achievements: 143/144
    kik: happyhavens
    ​My awesome signature by Planck

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    Dig Deep come check us out. #9C9QCYOG

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    Thank you all for your kindness, I already got NH.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cuti3catz View Post
    Thank you all for your kindness, I already got NH.
    Thank you for the notification and good luck
    Level 100! 6/28/16 won the pearl 12/31/14 won the windmill 2/3/15
    Thank you to ClashOfHolmes for my cool banner

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