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Thread: Why DID Supercell allow MK to go thru anyway??

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    [QUOTE=Clasher1313;11194289]Meh. Just an angry ebarb user.

    Well that's friggin rude

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    Mini PEKKA/PEKKA kills him perfectly. Knight + fliers, as someone already mentioned, is also solid. Even a Valk placed in the middle can do the trick. Basically any tough ground unit or building works: Giant Skeleton, Bomb Tower, Inferno Tower, even Cannon Cart.

    I've been playing Bomb Tower for a while now, great defender against MK pushes. Also against all types of Hog attacks so it's quickly gaining popularity for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trainfeeb View Post
    Dev Team: we want money
    MK: hold my beer
    Quote Originally Posted by Papyrus330550 View Post
    ^I second this

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    Did anyone forget that a Knight counters a Mega Knight?
    Why is Supercell closing the forums? They just hate all the Hog Rider nerf threads so they close down the entire CR forum, and spoiler alert: There are no tags for a Balance Change suggestion in Reddit. Let's stay connected thru Discord, and fight for cause! And ClashOfHolmes is amazing at sigs! Too bad the forums are closing! (There are no sigs in Reddit.)

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