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Thread: 5 vs 5 Clan War Thoughts ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by cnaf View Post
    I'm not a fan of it. For starters, with only 5 bases- any advantage one side pulls from the glorious MM will be magnified. If one side gets the heavy TH11, its gg. I also think it promotes keeping smaller clans around, and personally I just feel there are way too many clans out there with only a few members.
    From one side my older clan can finally restart continuous wars so I am happy for them, from the other one I realize maybe this clan should have merged with a bigger clan long ago..
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    Well, it looks like this will be implemented. This should be interesting.

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    Hmm, this may involve SC accepting that there are a ton of tiny clans, that hang on and don't merge/disband. Wonder what MM will be like in a 5v5, sneak a single sensible account in the match is probably yours.
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    I think this will generate a lot of level1 clans, as offshoots of main clans, as the "1 war only per 47 hours" will still be in force.

    As others have said, it may remove potential 10v10 war opponents from the pool, and throw up some interesting war matches like mini 5 player engineer clans etc.
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    Next up. 3vs3 wars. For when there are only 3 active players that want to war with engineered clans.

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    Having 6 accounts I'll definately be starting a new clan for a little bit, have some fun with it and then go back to what I'm doing now. I don't think this will be bad for the game, it will just help the clans that do 10 v 10 and sometimes struggle for opt ins sometimes when accounts are out with heroes upgrading.

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    5vs5 shows the current status of activity unfortunately. War sizes have decreased and SC needs to fix the top player matches to have a chance of improving the activity.


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    I like the idea. This way I can go with 5v5 in my other clan and work on higher th level attacks.
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    I am not a fan.

    Will it still count as a whole "win" on war record?

    Just took a giant step forward by trying to address inequities in matchmaker. Now this? Invites roster engineering, war farming and bogus win streaks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by WH7DX View Post
    5vs5 shows the current status of activity unfortunately. War sizes have decreased and SC needs to fix the top player matches to have a chance of improving the activity.

    This so much.

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