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    Thumbs Up Bingo Derby Feedback?

    Did you enjoy the Bingo Derby? Did you complete all lines? Tell us how it went for you and your hood and give us some feedback!

    We will be reading!


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    Needs to be tweaked, keep trashing these low point bingo tasks and never get it done. And having to do 9 strawberry or 9 townie tasks (of the same townie) is just plain cruel.
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    Only one bingo line. Our Neighbourhood said not sure how to play, why so fast finish the bingo line and the deby haven’t finish the bingo so fast finish. I example to them one you reach on the one last box, the game then finish. My feedback the bingo deby, can continue the deby bingo for every deby bingo in every deby and deby theme. Have extra things.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FieldsOfGreatness View Post
    Needs to be tweaked, keep trashing these low point bingo tasks and never get it done. And having to do 9 strawberry or 9 townie tasks (of the same townie) is just plain cruel.
    I agree , but maybe if you repeat it , we can give you better feed back
    once is not enough
    but generally , it is an interesting idea

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    Hope you get lots of responses here, because there were certainly a ton of them in the associated thread while it was going on. (So, maybe if not a lot see it here, your readers can go there for input.)

    I enjoyed the *concept* of the bingo board. The problems:
    1. There were too many repititions needed for each task - in our case 8 of each square. Way, way too many. Small hoods reported this was not a problem, as they had only 2, 3, or 4 to do. Large hoods were hoodwinked (sorry) by having 8 & 9 of each square. Impossible to complete.
    2. On every row, column, or diagonal there were show stoppers. Tasks we never even got one of, or only got one of.
    3. The extra gifts reported from those who did bingo (small hoods - did *any* large hoods bingo?) were the same old stuff as normal. Not worth risking dropping out of CL to get one bolt.
    4. The general feeling was that Bingo was a way of giving small hoods more gifts. If that's the case, then why not redo the horseshoe board to give them a better chance. Bingo as it existed before was not for all hoods. Large hoods having to do 8 and 9 of every task never stood a chance. CL hoods are not going to take really low points to do a task, risking dropping out of CL in the process, for unwanted and/or unattractive, gifts as the rewards.

    Someone, Momscar I think, suggested a bingo square contain a category of task rather than a specific one. "Harvest crops" as an example rather than "harvest wheat". Same for machines, same for town tasks. That way, the NH can use a variety of tasks to complete the square, and certainly have a much better chance of actually getting enough tasks to complete a line. I think that's a terrific idea.

    Thanks for the opportunity to provide some input.
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    Nick, did you read the feedback in the previous threads about the Derby Bingo? I hope so. In amongst the whining, there was lots of info about what was wrong. Seemed like it favored small hoods, since they only needed 1 or 2 tasks to complete boxes.

    My hood needed 8-9 tasks to complete each box. That would still have been okay, but some of the boxes were the Potato Bread production task, Vanilla ice cream, Goat Cheese, Sugarcane, etc. Since we are competing for 1st Place, we only do tasks 317-320, and these tasks did not appear in enough quantity. For instance, we only had one 320 point Potato Bread task during the whole derby. So while we completed 8 or 9 boxes total, we were not able to finish any line for bingo. I’m sure many other hoods had the same problems. The hoods that were able to finish lines were just lucky enough to have four boxes in a row full of 320 point tasks that come up the most (boat, help, mining, truck, train, etc.).

    So the choice was go for lower point tasks to get bingo or go for higher point tasks to try to win the derby and not get bingo. Be nice if we had the chance to both win and get bingo.
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    Our hood ignored bingo derby completely as each tile needed 9 to be completed. We would not risk our gold cups all for the sake of the usual ‘bems and sems’ and even the possibility of ‘scrolls’. As a 312 minimum hood with 24 players at most doing derby, we found it impossible to do all 9.

    As for getting the bingo achievements done, we have decided that if another bingo derby comes up, we will leave our hood and form smaller hoods to have a shot at completing bingo lines and not affecting our gold cups

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    Hi Nick

    I LOVED it & I think it's fantastic to have something completely different.

    I play Solo & I was REALLY pleased that it was possible to attempt the 3 BINGO lines (& I did get them).

    However, there are things that didn't work so well.

    Once you pick your 'joining' square & start, that's it really, there's not much wriggle room for changing which three lines you're trying to get, you're committed to that path (all fine) but this means you have to get those tasks on the board. For example, I had to do a Red Berry Cake task, I only got ONE the entire week & so I'm glad I didn't trash it hoping to get a higher point one. It was 290 points, I wanted 320, but it could have been even worse. The same with other tasks, I was LUCKY to get one of each, This was terrible for Teams needing several of one task. There shouldn't be a risk of not getting tasks you need. There needs to be a greater population of the required tasks.

    The number of tasks per BINGO square wasn't very well calculated to reflect the number of opted in players, being much easier for some teams than others.

    For example:

    CL Tasks required to get 3 lines of BINGO
    (Please assume NH to be OPTED IN numbers)

    NH of 1 - 10/10
    NH of 2 - 10/20
    NH of 3 - 10/30

    The squares on one part of the tutorial showed different numbers in some squares (0/4 0/5 etc) and I think this should be used to balance things out a bit.

    Obviously it's harder to get the tasks the more people there are OPTED IN so that needs to be taken into consideration.

    However, to use the three smallest NH's as an example, I think maybe all the corner squares should have the same number as people opted in. Then a 2 NH several other squares with a 2 and in a 3 several squares with 2's & 3's. A Team of 2 needing to do say 15 BINGO tasks (15/20) tasks & a Team of 3 needing to do 20 BINGO tasks (20/30)

    I think a variation of this needs to be scaled up to each size of NH. (Obviously NOT continuing the pattern of the corner square being the the same as the number opted in after say 4 or 5, but possibly still one of the greater number of tasks squares).

    It seemed to go in waves like this with some teams having a lot of BINGO tasks per player required & others having far fewer?

    I wasn't able to also (even try to) place 1/2/3 because it necessitated taking tasks under 320, and playing Solo in the CL you simply can't place if you don't do 10x320. So choosing BINGO rewards means losing placing rewards and a 'win', but probably only for small NH's which doesn't seem fair. We need 320 tasks for each of the BINGO tasks. We probably still won't win because there will most likely be teams choosing not to do BINGO lines & they'll finish faster, but at least there would be some small possibility.

    From the Forum there were Teams who had -

    More tasks required to complete 3 BINGO lines than they had available tasks. Clearly that's not reasonable

    Tasks just not appearing on their boards (irrespective of the points value). Clearly that's not reasonable.

    I think with a few adjustments it will be great! ( ...and a few more REWARDS BiNGO's before a POINTS BINGO)
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    Good grief Nick, you’re a brave man. Light the blue touch paper and retire as it says on the firework.

    Bingo, great idea, needs lots of tweaking for it to work properly and be fun.

    We are a CL hood like to win golds, bit competitive (well 'a lot competitive' then) and we’re really looking forward to this innovation but we were so frustrated and disappointed.

    The main reason was the high number of tasks we would have to do to complete one square (8) and the lack of those tasks on the board. We had strawberries, goats milk, and orange tea on our card. No way were we able to find 8 strawberry tasks that week, regardless of the points. Likewise the others. We saw only one orange tea task on the last day. Just impossible to complete even one line.

    we started hoping for 3 lines, Lowered our sights to 2, and then 1 before abandoning it altogether.

    It caused so so much stress and hassle in our hood that it really wasn’t worth the bother and the result was half the hood opted out the following week.

    If you are really serious about having the bingo derby again then review the number and types of tasks needed. It’s supposed to be fun, not to suck all the joy out of the game for bigger hoods.

    Also, as others have pointed out, there were lots and lots of complaints about the structure of Bingo in the Derby threads while it was running. I suggest you sit down with a coffee (or 6) and read a few.
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    ^^^^ totally agree with PetHerder. Our board was all 9-10 squares and there were some tasks that never showed up even if we had chosen to tackle such a board. I like the Bingo concept though

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