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Thread: Impacts of Friendly Leagues Wars Going on in COC

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    Impacts of Friendly Leagues Wars Going on in COC

    Its amazing to see how much change friendly wars have brought to the game. I mean i am th10 now & when i was th9, i used to 3 star almost all popular th9 base design using HGHB or GOVAHO. But now with the introduction of friendly wars and league wars, people are moving away from conventional base designs and are designing their war bases pretty well. Its getting quite tricky to predict which attack will be best on certain th9 base designs. In the present time when many of us are getting mismatched against higher clans in regular wars, these league wars are a relief and a good way to learn new tactics. If u r not yet participating in any, then it will be better to do it asap.

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    I second this statement.

    The three most common leagues (personal opinion) if you want to check them out:
    - NDL
    - MLCW
    - CWL

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