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Thread: Builder Base Subforum Directory - Please Read before making new threads

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    why not submarine bot for underwater world..

    where is the wolf and owls in forest, I want to catch them for elixir, treasures and more fun..
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    Grazie per la tua risposta

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    how to post a thread with a pic?

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    We want wars in builder base

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ashutoshkashyap2371 View Post
    We want wars in builder base
    No we dont

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    in spite of public outcry coc simply refuses to acknowledge there is a problem I don’t get it happy players spend more money there are way to many players not participating in cwl cw and simply inactive!

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    Builder bas clan wars

    Quote Originally Posted by MexicanBob View Post
    Welcome to the Builder Base subforum directory! The goal of this thread is to help you navigate the Builder Base subforum. If you have a question that needs answering, are looking for advice*, or want to know what is going on, click on the topic that interests you and join in the discussion!

    *When asking for advice, it is helpful to include your Player Tag. If you are uncomfortable providing that information, it helps to give your BH level, Trophy Range, and any other information related to the advice you seek.
    Hi i think it would help boost your ratings if you addec builder base clan war kust like honw village. Also have where both home village clan wars and bjilder base clan wars as seperate wars and you can start wars at same time if wanted

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