Hello everyone! It's almost that time of year; the snow starts falling, the trees begin to go up...you all know what I'm talking about. Christmas! And with every Christmas in the past 2-3 years, Supercell has given us a really big update to celebrate Christmas. The December 2015 update brought TH11 and loads of changes to the shield and loot system, the grand warden etc. Last year's update added new levels for existing troops and defenses, as well as the BK and AQ. However, nothing "New" was added; as in, no new troops or features. The ice wizard and freeze traps were temporary. They did add 30v30 and 40v40 to war I believe, but it was still the same old war.

It seems that this year SC will also be doing something pretty big, as there are usually 2 large updates per year, and we haven't had one of those since May 2017 which added the Builder Base which was...controversial to say the least. Some things are basically guaranteed to happen, such as a new obstacle, balance changes, New levels, etc. However what do you think will be added that is "New?" (This is mostly directed for the main village, but if you'd like you can list some things you would like to see added to BB)

I personally hope for the Giant Skeleton to become a permanent dark troop, with a few tweaks here and there to make it a bit more balanced. Besides that I'd hope for a new game mode for the home village.

I had a random idea of a 3v3 mode where each side takes turns attacking the other. Each team decides on who's base to use, and that base will be the base which all 3 attackers attack at the same time. The two teammates of yours can create an army composition which all 3 of you use to defend your base from the other 3 attackers. When the attack is done the other team switches to defense and your team to offense. Defense team has 1 minute to choose the base to defend and 30 seconds to train an army, which does not cost elixir or takes building time. The attack team has 1 minute to scout the base and make a plan, and 30 seconds each to create an army they will use to attack the Base with. Team with more stars wins. In case of same stars, Percentage wins. In case if same percentage, time taken to attack wins. It would be pretty hard to balance, and maybe wouldn't be the best idea, but some new game mode for the home village would be appreciated.

Some more War MM balances would also be appreciated, and in order to solve the clouds in higher leagues, perhaps remove or reduce guard time? Make legend PvP? Who knows. Oh yeah, I also think BH8 will be added this update. Maybe BH wars? Honestly I wouldn't like it too much, as it would not really fit the whole Vs. battle thing the BB has going for it.

I honestly doubt a brand new Town Hall right now, as there are still a ton of things which need to be improved before we should move on to TH12. Right now imo supercell's goal should be adding more "fun" and "depth" to the game rather than trying to make it longer and harder to max out.

TL;DR: Add a new troop, maybe Giant Skeleton permanently, a new game mode, MM balancing, and other quality of life changes that would being veteran players back and new players in. For BB I feel like they'd definitely add BH8.

What do you guys think will be added in this update? Leave your thoughts below😃😃