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Thread: Townie Derby Task Issues (?)

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    Townie Derby Task Issues (?)

    I selected a specific townie task (the townie with the blue hat and yellow dress) for the bingo derby. It took me 3 days to attempt to finish this task and I wasnít able to. I check my farm every few hours. Every time a train came, I got other townies except the specific townie I needed.

    This has got to be a known issue/bug or else Hay Day is just making it damn near impossible for us to finish townie specific tasks. I didnít get to complete all my derby tasks either which made our ranking low and got us demoted to novice, lol. Our farm is really small, only 4 neighbors with 2 being very active. Weíre okay with that and thatís how we want it.

    Please check the townie specific tasks. It really is a frustration when we canít complete a derby task because Hay Day hides the specific townies needed.

    Anyone else have this issue?

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    Always. The minute you take a character task the Eggspress pretty much stops bringing the one you need! I play solo, so I'm completely stuffed. If I get a Bingo Board with them on, I probably won't be able to do it. You should be able to do it with 4 players though, just make sure the others send all of theirs to the platform for you to collect.

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    I really do wonder if it’s a glitch or if it’s done on purpose by Hay Day. I hope it’s not the latter, that just won’t be right.

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    It’s easier to have your character all ready to go in the town hall before you actually choose the task, plus you can do it while you are working on a different task. Then when you are ready to post it you’re done in a minute.

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