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Thread: question for solo hoods in this derby

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    Quote Originally Posted by HDFarming View Post
    Thanks for letting test my Kik, really easy chat platform. I've abused my spouse a ton already. I went to spin the Wheel of Fortune and he'd already done it! I think he enjoys it, just complains that he never knows what to make or how he should spend the coins. I told him to spend it on machines, but he says he has way too many machines already. The animals are always nagging him. LOL

    Thanks a bunch for your guidance.

    If I were you..

    I’d buy the machines for him <>
    Make him a list of things to produce (to sell to YOU)
    Tell him the animals wouldn’t need to nag if he acted responsibly
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    I did 10x320 and got 1 bingo line. I pretrashed about 260 tasks and let other team take gold but eventually took it after I finished.
    Apparently you can have three farms in and still only 1 task per bingo cell

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    I hear it's lonely and that without a neighborhood you never have 42 visitors to play with. LOL I would be so annoyed if Greg's is the only place I can stop, especially after the update where it tells you how many are ready. How does that work for train tasks, how would you get 9 actresses when the Eggspress train comes every six hours? That task would take all day. Do you stack certain characters and trash the ones you don't have?

    I'm pretty tired of just playing in a horse race and would love to win the 9 prizes and win the other three through Bingo. So much more challenging.

    I keep two minis in hood with one opted in so they can trade townies. It still took me 2 days to do Actress task tho, so i normally trash solo town tasks. If you have 300 diamonds, stack for production and baskets you can beat pretty much anyone.

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