I have seen clan tournament rewards with thousands of gems and to be honest I don't find it quite fair . All these gems are for the best of the best in legends league and that is all these clans accept. They really don't even need the free gems as their bases are MAXED?!

I feel there should be an option for the individual players to get gems instead, such as for being the top of 5 of their current league. Staggering the amounts of gems for each league allowing everyone a chance at free gems in the tournament.

Ranks like platinum for 1st, gold for 2nd, silver for 3rd, iron for 4th, bronze for 5th for each league and based on your town hall level so not all covered by max th11's... Then allow a record of which you got the most of (bragging rights?).

Another option to the recording is to replacing the old tournament maybe allowing a guild reward based on the amount of people making these ranks per every 2 days like wars?

For example if your guild has X number of members make platinum in each league, you get obviously the best guild shared pool reward (bonus guild pool if you win with X number of wars per week maybe?)

This way say your th11, 10, 9, etc all make certain ranks they are all rewarded for their hard efforts as individuals and as a guild.

Also another reason is to get some of those vet players with all those mad skills maybe considers helping newer players refine their skills with suggestions, feed back on failures or successful attacks, etc and not just having all the top guilds in the world be only max th's with all legends with that wealth of knowledge wasting away. It is one thing to have youtube vids another to have someone actually giving you daily feed back on battles and how to be a better player.

The rewards don't have to be crazy amounts. Yet it provides incentive to continue to play as the game is a bit more fair to all their players instead of only rewarding the p2w/vet players. Give some of the goodies to those still climbing the ladder maybe?

Thank you for your time and consideration