Okay so I love the Challenge feature. It is something I wish was totally in the game before I quit for 3 years and returned. However I think one special feature is not being considered and that is the enemy bases in war.

There are many times most of us feel like we would have done better in a war attempt if we just did (insert comment here) i.e. little faster, better troop speed, cc pulls/kill squad location, different troop strategies etc.

It is very time consuming to try to find these bases on the web if you do at all to ask a friend to copy it and then get to practice it. Hoping that the traps were not different and maybe better than original.

I suggest the option to practice against enemy bases (after all your attempts have been made or even if it is only previous wars?). I think it is acceptable to not be able to share the battle with your clan members if necessary during a current war if this is allowed. I can see it being very educational experience for all players allowing them to all be better players.

Thank you for your time and consideration in this matter.