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Thread: Halloween or not?

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    Thumbs up Halloween or not?

    The Hayday game is played globally.
    Is it just me or are there other supporters?

    I have decided to refrain from playing Hayday until the theme changes.
    I don't share the values of Halloween.
    I don't wish to share it and thus I refrain from using it.

    I enjoy the game and but I don't enjoy supporting something that I don't want to support.

    Many people might respond to this thread in a negative way, I hear you.
    I am not here to condone your Halloween day which your country? celebrate. I know it is celebrated in many countries.

    I'll gladly support themes that is not Halloween related.


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    Welcome to our forums JackV27. I respect your beliefs and and your plan of action. I’m sorry you are uncomfortable with the theme. It will be over soon. Sadly themes are not customizable yet. Maybe someday.
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    So glad you joined just to post that. Thank you.

    I will be enjoying Halloween, it's one of the best times to play hay day.

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    I fully support your right not to play and I fully support your right to announce you intend not to play.

    Please keep checking back for my list of things I intend not to do. I'm quite certain it will be riveting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Farmabootycalls View Post
    I fully support your right not to play and I fully support your right to announce you intend not to play.

    Please keep checking back for my list of things I intend not to do. I'm quite certain it will be riveting.
    This is why I miss you. P. x

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    Halloween hasn't really been a thing much in the Netherlands, but I think it's gaining popularity. I quite like it, and I quite like Halloween on HD!
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    Luckily for all of us, we can a take a break from the game at any moment, and nothing will happen to our farms. You have a right to refrain from participating in any event that doesn't meet your personal standards.
    Well, in my native country there's no Christmas in December, or St.Valentines in February. I play Hay Day anyway, because taking things too close to heart causes stress and hair loss. I'm not sure what the values of Halloween are, but I don't think I'm supporting them by playing the game. Hope you enjoy the Christmas theme when we have it!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Minxville View Post
    This is why I miss you. P. x
    Ive had a look at my list of people beginning with P that might miss me and it turns out you're the only one on it, so I've easily identified you 😂

    Miss you too, not many people around that can make me laugh until I cry xxx

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    If I'm not mistaken was Halloween an optional update last year? If that was the case most would be happy (except those with automatic downloads who don't like Halloween of course)

    Edit: Yes it was optional, found the announcement. Wonder why they chose not to this year?

    I actually saw the ghost a few times last year too which was nice, if only they existed for more than about 10% of the players this year...
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    I honestly have no idea what "Halloween values" are exactly. It is, of course, everyone's right to opt out from playing at any time.

    Personally, I chose to enjoy every holiday. I'm an atheist but if Hay Day had a Hanukah (spelling?) or Kwanza or Ramadan or Divali theme I'd enjoy it and continue playing as usual. I chose not to be offended by holidays of other cultures. Whatever floats your boat, as Saul Goodman said.
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