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    If you want to see the last 10+ wars, the opponent in war had always stronger bases.
    The last war:
    1 max Th11, 1 max Th10, 1 mid level th10 without infernos yet, 1 near to max th9, 1 mid level th7.
    1 max th11, 2 max th10, 1 new th10 with infernos, 1 max th9...

    Some matchs have been way worse then this one, like 3 th11s (one engineered) but still this is another unfair war.
    I donít even get how it is possible to always be outmatched.
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    Clan ID:#9J82PRU9 (ours) #2000U2LV (theres)
    Clan name:hlonclannibus baby something in china
    War Start Date:4/22/2018
    War Start Time (GMT): 8:45 mst
    Comment: our line up there line up
    9 th10s,8 th9s, 3 th8s to there 3 th11s,6 th10,10 th9s 1 th8

    explain how this is a fair matchup?

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